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Where to Buy

Just a list of the many places I “shop”.

Kate Spade  I suppose this one is a no-brainer! I do not buy unless on sale though. I have learned that lesson the hard way.

eBay (vital to really know the brand you want to buy, as this is a way people sell lots of fakes. Just like those funky websites selling designer shoes at a major “discount” new in the box. If it sounds TOO good to be true, it probably is. Unless it’s ebay, and then you have a chance!)

Thrift & Charity Shops (Not just the “big” names, as we have many “pop up” thrift shops where I live. Really great if you don’t mind digging) For “big name” shops: Goodwill, Salvation Army

Target LOVE their cardigans when they are marked down. I buy the kids a lot of clothing from here too, as they wear uniforms to school.


Nordstrom (they tend to have really good sales)

It’s a Wrap – store in West Hollywood & Burbank that sells clothing/shoes/accessories from movie & television sets. Many items are unworn, or worn for a few hours. Often a wardrobe stylist will pull multiple pieces for a scene and this store will have duplicates! This past year (2014) it seems that ABC has been unloading the wardrobe closet from their now ended show “Desperate Housewives”, and I have many items that Bree (Marcia Cross) wore on the show! (cardigans mainly) So if you live in Southern California, you MUST visit both locations! Or if you are making a visit to the LA area! There are a few other companies/stores around SoCal that sell movie clothing, but this is my favorite, as they seem to have good pricing (although sometimes I question it! But I have also waited a year + to buy something, as they do many rounds of markdowns), and their selection is good.

I don’t post affiliate links, but if that were to change I would let you know. On the rare occasion I do link to an item I am wearing, it is not an affiliate link. I personally prefer ebates whenever I shop online, and I would hope that you do as well!

I do mainly buy things secondhand, unless it’s a major outlet find, or it’s a dress I am IN LOVE with and I don’t want to risk not being able to have it in the right size. Shoes are 90% of the time secondhand. I have an affinity for Christian Louboutin heels & flats, but I also want to be able to have more that a couple of new pairs of shoes a year. So I scour ebay and have learned to be very very patient, sometimes it takes 2+ years for the shoe I want at the price I am willing to pay. I also have an amazing cobbler who restores pre-loved shoes into looking (almost) brand new. I adore thrift shops (where else can you find St John knitwear for $5?!), secondhand stores in Los Angeles/Hollywood area, and of course It’s a Wrap.

I will caution anyone headed to the garment district in La, and say that going during the week will get you better bargains on things like leggings, t-shirts, jersey fabric clothing. Saturday is their “big” day, and prices tend to be a little higher. If you ever have the chance to go to the fashion market on one of their “sample” sale days? Make the time! Thats where you can find brand names for fairly inexpensive. (not like secondhand shopping though)

I admit it, I love to shop! The thrill of the hunt is amazing. I identify with Becky Bloomwood of Shopaholic fame more than I should admit sometimes!!!

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