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Monday Travel Dreams

If only I was off with my passport, camera, and suitcase this morning! Alas, my dress is merely a projection of that:




Cardigan: Kate Spade
Dress: Kate Spade
Shoes: Strassed Jimmy Choo flats
Handbag: Kate Spade

However I suppose some of my “dreams” are possible, as I do have some driving adventures today! I’m headed up to Lake Arrowhead to assist a dear friend in organizing her new house. And bringing her clothes. Because isn’t that what friends do? Shop for their other friends?! It seems I’ve fallen into another “profession” as of late, a fun one at that.

Hope your Monday is grand!

Until next time,


Back to the World

I didn’t post yesterday, very strange for me. I was actually feeling unwell and spent much of the day on agony as I shuttled children around to various last minute appointments before school starts this coming Monday.

I daresay no one has seen me in public quite like yesterday. While I did get dressed, it was really something I would rather forget!

Today is better. More errands. I just can’t get over it that school starts on Monday! Back to the drive. Yes, I mean drive. My 4 children are scattered across several schools/campuses, and only one has a bus service. Luckily no campus is further than about 4 miles from the house. And everyone is on the same schedule this fall, no more half days!

Anyway, my outfit today. It’s rather thrown together, but we do have a school seminar this afternoon, so it’s halfway decent. I do happen to have an “image” over there. (I.E. the lady who wears skirts and heels to kindergarten. One mother jokingly asked me last fall where my hat and gloves were. I didn’t miss a beat, I told her that my hat was at home, and wearing gloves was impractical where we live. I don’t know If she realized I was joking or not)


The Rundown:
Blouse: Banana Republic outlet, under $10
Skirt: Kate Spade, off eBay
Shoes: DIY Strassed Nina flats I did last Sunday
Handbag: Coach

I’ve also gotten some good reading in this week. Enchantment, a book about Audrey Hepburn, and right now I’m reading “life in secrets”, about the aftermath of WWII, and finding the traces of female spies across Europe. A heavy read, but very insightful. I adore history.

Oh, and happy August! In two months I will be twirling around Washington DC with my eldest son and his classmates. 20 girls, 7 boys, it should be an experience. And yes, expect many sparkly shoes on that trip! I intend to catch up with old friends, and be, well, moi! I lived there briefly in the late 90’s, it’s a wonderful place. Being there at the cusp of an election should be exciting for the students!

Until next time,



We arrived! The Engineer and I made it to our destination, checked into the nice hotel, the one I’m not ashamed to check in to via Facebook! We got cleaned up, and here’s what I’m wearing this afternoon:


The Rundown:
Cardigan: Old Navy
Blouse: Banana Republic
Skirt: Custom by Sandee Royalty
Belt: Black belt stolen from my Kate Spade Anemone dress
Shoes: Black Décolleté Christian Louboutin heels
Handbag: Kate Spade
Necklace: Robert Rose

Also, if you don’t follow me on Instagram, you didn’t see my most recent picture:


My caption? “Leave home for 36hrs, take 4 pairs of shoes, two pairs strassed!”. I realize I was incorrect, we are actually gone for about 72hrs including the fact that I went to work with The Engineer yesterday and we left the house at 5:45am!! In fact, I brought more pairs of shoes than changes of clothing. But see, it’s one pair of heels, and one pair of flats for each outfit! And my gold strassed Jimmy Choos for travel. (just wait, I intend to have only strassed shoes for my DC trip in October. Why not?! I have glue and extra crystals, might as well enjoy them all)

Have a lovely weekend! I’m sure you will see more from me.

Until next time,


Another Giveaway in the works!!

So, being as I’ve gotten over 2,000 hits (OH MY GOODNESS!!!), and I currently have 36 followers, why not have another giveaway?

I’ll post the rules here, and I will post the actual giveaway details on July 1st.


1. MUST be a follower of this blog.

2. This giveaway will be open to the entire world. Well, anywhere that USPS offers mail delivery that is. (although, I cannot guarantee delivery for those outside of the US…but I ship/receive alot of mail, and rarely do I lose packages)

3. This giveaway will be sponsored by me, and only me. I did not receive anything from any company or a freebie, etc in exchange for advertising. (nor have I ever)

4. Must Love Sparkles.

Okay, I believe thats it. Keep an eye out. I’ve had this in the works for a while, thought it would be fun. I just needed to get a little less busy in my business to be able to address it, and to do it properly!! I’m excited!

Off to finish making a movie camera out of sugar. Seriously? I have the coolest work ever! And I played with shoes today too.

Oh yes, on a very very sad note. Those lovely Louboutins that I painted yesterday? With the intention of strassing? They hate me. They want to be black without paint & crystals. The paint ALL peeled off. And my attempts to strip the leather finish to repaint? NOPE. These suckers want to be black. Le Sigh. SO, black they shall stay. I’m going to have the heel tips replaced and the black leather refinished. I might have to ship them off, my cobbler up here wasn’t too keen on messing with them. But he said to bring them back tomorrow, the owner would be there, and the owner MIGHT be able to handle it. (they need some light touch up, heel tips, etc)

And in other news, I have decided to put myself on a ban. No acquisitions for the next month. (eeks!!) which means, no strassing, as I don’t have a pair of Christian Louboutins to strass! (unless I decide to bite the bullet and strass those navy simples I got a couple of weeks ago *bites nails*) Well, starting July  1st. So, let’s see what I can come up with between now and then!! Wish me luck!! I’m trying to streamline in anticipation of a trip I have coming up in the fall, with the hopes of picking up something fabulous while in a big city.

Until next time,


Travel Beauty

Traveling is hard for me, streamlining, packing, cutting down what I want to take to what I really have room to take!

Some beauty tips while traveling that I go by:

Plan in advance. What I mean by this, is just like I planned my outfits (an still changed things around!), plan your beauty routine around you wardrobe as well. I like to coordinate eyeshadow to my blouse, or maybe my skirt, etc. so I pack eye makeup accordingly.


I have super sensitive skin, so I am unable to be brand loyal to any one brand. An eyeshadow from one brand might be okay, but the blush from that same brand will make my skin break out and get irritated (I.E. mineral makeup gives me the effect of a chemical peel without any of the benefits!!)

So this trip I brought:
Eyeshadow: Artistry & MAC palettes (the Artistry palette was created by Francis Hathaway, a very well know makeup artist)
Mascara: Artistry (<3 this!! It's about $12, and in my opinion, beats DiorShow hands down)
Blush: Artistry baked blush (LE Fall 2011, fanfreaking tastic color!!)
Face powder: Victoria's Secret Pearls (I used to use Guerlain, but the new formula breaks my skin out)
Foundation: DrJart+ Beauty Balm (this is amazing!!! And it doesn't break me out like most foundation I've ever worn, plus it's very sheer)
Moisturizer: Artistry Creme Luxury (wow, this one is killer. Worth every penny)

Victoria's Secret "shimmer" pearls


Artistry’s Baked Blush (I love love love this!!)


How do you streamline your beauty routine when you travel?

Headed home from an incredible weekend. (perhaps one last peek into the Kate Spade outlet in Primm. Maybe) Bye bye Vegas, see you next year!

Until next time,



Whew, like I said earlier, packing is never fun!!

Some peeks into what I’m taking with me to Las Vegas this weekend. It’s a business trip, so no spangly little dresses for clubbing or anything (not that I would actually go, but you know)

I’ll tuck a pair of flats in, but after muh agonizing, I’m only packing two pairs of shoes. I’m not counting what I’m wearing on the drive.


Some of my much-loved Kate Spade pieces are coming with me. I have 3 black skirts from there, and I’m always looking for another! Same with cardigans.

This’ll be my maybe outfit. You know, backup!



I still need to figure out makeup. Being a girl is complicated sometimes!

How do you pack? Any tips? Other than a mobile closet of course!

Until next time,


Lazy Day

Well, I wish it was going to be a TRUE lazy day, I have a pile of stuff to get done, I’m rather bogged down in work today, and so I have just thrown on essentialy what I wore yesterday, with the exception of my top. I’m threw on an oversized cashmere sweater. It’s ugly, but SO warm, and it’s chilly today!!

I know, turn on the heat, right? WRONG! No heat, I need the kitchen cool for my day, but I might stick my head in my 350 degree oven at some point.

If I finish early enough, I’ll throw up a sneak peek later of my fashion I’ve been putting together for my weekend getaway to Vegas (we leave tomorrow morning, yay! And the best part? A stop in Primm on the way up, and the Kate Spade Outlet!!!!)

I always struggle to pack, I tend to OVERpack, It’s hard to narrow down to just a few pieces, one or two pairs or shoes, ONE handbag! Luckily we are driving up tomorrow, so if I overpack a bit, it’s not like an airline is going to charge me. My husband is a saint though, as even if I have everything perfectly planned out for a trip, I STILL agonize!!

I will leave you this morning with a favorite photograph of mine. Taken late one night from my balcony (eek! I ❤ my balcony!!! Totally makes living where we live bearable!)

That moon! Its so stunning. I need to blow this up and hang it somewhere!

Have a gorgeous day! Back to my kitchen to get to work, and then to my closet to finish my packing!! (all while running kids 15 different places)

Until next time,