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Sunday Recap

To say yesterday was exhausting is a major understatement! We were up super early to run to the car repair shop….one of our cars has been giving us fits, and we want to ensure its in top shape when the oldest starts driving in a couple of months (EEKS!!). I did get dressed, but then we ended up with all kinds of household “to do” lists, and then I never caught up from yesterday OR Friday!

Friday I wore this:

  1. Dress: Kate Spade Adette
  2. Belt: Kate Spade (via Nordstrom)
  3. Shoes: Christian Louboutin

The dress above is a perfect fit, except it started pulling my shoulder strange, and I changed for the afternoon (my ongoing neck/shoulder/lower back problems need to go bye bye!) into this:

  1. Dress: Kate Spade Gayle (outlet exclusive)
  2. Belt: Bealls of Florida (kids department)
  3. Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Yesterday I threw this on (at 5am):

  1. Cardigan: Boden
  2. Dress: BananaRepublic 
  3. Belt: eBay
  4. Shoes: Crystal AB strassed Manolos

And today, for church I wore this:

  1. Cardigan: Tracy Reese (5 years old)
  2. Dress: Milly
  3. Belt: JCrew
  4. Shoes: Kate Spade
  5. Necklace: Ben-Amun

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Until next time,


P.S. Please note that I would appreciate it if you didn’t use my images for your Kate Spade eBay auctions. All my images are taken and owned by me and I do take intellectual copyright laws very seriously. Same goes for Instagram. Plus, it simply isn’t very polite! 

Summer is Looming

Oh heavens is it HOT today! When we left the house to go to church at 10am, it was already 89 degrees out! I planned for it, as we attended a summer church barbecue after service, but still!!!

I had a unique problem this morning. What I wanted to wear, and what my body allowed me to wear. Meaning: I had to ditch the heels!! But I snapped shots of each ensemble anyway, for fun.

What I wanted to wear:





Cardigan: Kate Spade
Dress: Calvin Klein
Belt: Alannah Hill
Shoes: Kate Spade
Necklace: Ben Amun (his jewels are TO DIE FOR!)

Alas, I twisted my hip yesterday walking, and so it’s sore today (hello ice packs! Really it was probably the twisting while walking combined with pushing my body on the ice. My feet forget how out of shape my muscles are when I step on that ice!!). So I swapped a few pieces on my outfit:





Cardigan: Tracy Reese (4+ years old)
Dress: Calvin Klein
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Nina, Strassed by me
Necklace: Ben Amun

I have to talk about my necklace. I discovered Ben Amun a while back and fell in love. Like OMG, in LOVE. And then saw the price tags! Oops!!! So I was resigned to gaze from afar. But wait, there is always ebay! Not many pieces pop up, but I found this one for under $20. And it is divine. The quality is fantastic. I have a couple brooches I’ve picked up as well, but have yet to wear. So I’m now stalking several pieces, and deciding what piece I actually want to save up for. It’s just a beautiful line.

And that’s it for now. Stay cool y’all!

Until next time,


What I’m Wearing & Thursday Recap

Wow, a day I am not wearing Kate Spade! (confession time! My glasses are Kate Spade, so I suppose I do have something on. Lol!!!!)

Today is the Kindergarten field trip. We are going to go see Mary Poppins at the local college this morning. Then I’m coming home to work, but my little one will go have fun at a working ranch here.

I considered dressing more for the play, you know, long skirt, cute jacket, a hat, but as its been 90+ degrees by 11am lately? Yeah, no!


The Rundown:
Cardigan: Tracy Reese (yes, I wore this yesterday too)
Dress: Nanette Lepore, off eBay
Shoes: Strassed Jimmy Choo flats (also worn yesterday!!)
Handbag: Coach

My bag & shoes


I now consider these my lucky shoes. Yesterday we had all these challenges. I won the crab walk with these (apparently it was very exorcist-like. I have extreme flexibility, so my can do wierd contortions. I am so used to it, but it can freak people out a bit!). And then we had some wierd “wear one flipper, a life jacket, and goggles, then kick beach ball across room”. I not only scrambled with that ball, I kicked my beautiful shoe in a huge arc across the room. Lol!!!!!

I hope someone has video. It was fun and crazy. Have you ever participated in team building challenges?? (and yes, my team totally killed it yesterday!! We were the smallest number, but mighty! We are hospitality. Ohhhh yeah!)

Here’s the flower arrangements I threw together for our morning



Our theme this year was “think outside the box”, so I was asked to do gifts for everyone. Boxes of cake balls!!



And then I came home and did this


Such a fun day! Today in doing a cake for tomorrow that will have a ninja couple cake topper and peacock feathers. I ❤ my job!

Happy Friday!!

Until next time,


What I’m Wearing

This morning our women’s bible study is having a leadership wrap-up event. I had a really adorable outfit all planned out.

Then it happened.

The many emails and text messages advising me to NOT wear a skirt or a dress (apparently they know me too well!!! I actually think I only wore pants once this entire past year). At first I figured I’d wear a skirt and slip shorts underneath.

But it’s already about 70 degrees and humid today (which is NOT okay btw.). Soooo, I’m wearing shorts. Begrudgingly!!


The Rundown:
Cardigan: Tracy Reese (off eBay, under $20)
Blouse: Kate Spade, from the outlet (but it is not an outlet piece)
Shorts: Kate Spade (the white ones I normally wear to be a “bum”!!)
Belt: Kate Spade, from my Anemone dress (that I wore Sunday!)
Shoes: Jimmy Choo, hand-strassed by my (just last night and this morning!!!)
Handbag: Kate Spade

Woah, I kind of have a Kate Spade problem!! It sort of worked out that way, I won’t go into details as to why I am wearing a hot pink blouse. And mixing it with purple? Does it work? Oh probably not, I imagine Anna Wintour would have a fit. But I like it!!

And it gives me an excuse to wear my Jimmy Choo flats that I strassed between last night and early this morning!


I might add more sparkles later to these. But for now they will do. It makes up for not being able to wear the shoes I had planned to wear!! And I’m sorry, but I am so not a heels with shorts kind of girl. I’d like to be, but yeah, not going to happen.

I’ll post some pictures later of the gifts I made for this morning and the flower arrangements! Everything is packed and ready to go, so it’ll have to wait. But my foyer smells amazing, hyacinth!! Mmmmmm.

So, hot pink with purple? Too wild? I know it’s bright, but I’m really digging my outfit today! (even though it isn’t what I had wanted to wear!!)

Until next time,


What I’m Wearing

I was dragging this morning! We stayed until California Adventure closed at 8pm last night, then ran through the HUGE Disney store, and got home just after 10pm. Lots of walking yesterday, but my feet do not hurt! I’ll have to post about our adventures! (another post)

My thrown together look today


The Rundown:
Cardigan: Tracy Reese
Blouse: Lauren Conrad for Kohls
Skirt: Escada
Shoes: Miu Miu
Handbag: Kate Spade

Last time I wore this ensemble, I had some chunky beads and layered necklaces. Due to the slight sunburn from yesterday, I didn’t torture myself!

My bag


And a peek into my current project! (what you see took about an hour)


I am so so so so excited to finish these shoes. But I can already tell you, it’s going to be a painful tedious process!!! I’ll do a details post at some point.

Happy Thursday! Tomorrow is Friday! (yay!!!) I am laying low this weekend, I’ve delivered all my orders and I’m going to enjoy mother’s day. With sleep. And glueing crystals on shoes.

Until next time,