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Well hello there Monday, nice to see you again. It was brutally hot today, and I can’t seem to unwind. The last dregs of summer have arrived, and boy are they sticky!!

I pulled out an older Jillian dress today, a style I love for windy days, I don’t have to worry about “dress up” moments!!

  1. Dress: Kate Spade Jillian
  2. Shoes: Christian Louboutin
  3. Handbag: Kate Spade
  4. Necklace: Kate Spade

I ended up swapping out my shoes before I left the house, I wore pointy shoes on Sunday and my toes can only handle it for so many hours, especially in the middle of August when we have a heat wave that includes humidity! (Thank you inflammatory arthritis!)

Until next time,


Broome Street

Recently Kate Spade launched their “Broome Street” line, more of a casual line. This simple cotton dress made its way into my closet this week:

  1. Dress: Kate Spade Broome Street (online in the sale section right now!)
  2. Belt: Kate Spade
  3. Shoes: Christian Louboutin
  4. Necklace: strand of pearls with vintage brooch

I felt as if I should have been heading out on a sail boat back east today, instead of out in the wild windy SoCal desert weather! Luckily the fire local to me seems to be contained, which means tomorrow will be back to “normal”, meaning, no more unexpected break for the kids!

Until next time,



Happy July! The month where we celebrate the freedoms we enjoy year round as Americans. How are you planning on spending your 4th of July? My husband and I are in the unique position of being kid-free this year (WHAT?!), and so we are skipping out on anything traditional and I am dragging him to Disneyland for an adult day of adventure. (Poor man, he is a saint) Until then, I still have to be a responsible adult, as I have a wedding looming + several cake orders to prep for before we go!

Today I wore this:

  1. Dress: Kate Spade
  2. Belt: secondhand
  3. Shoes: Jimmy Choo
  4. Necklace: thrifted pearls with a vintage brooch

Speaking of wedding prep….I spent last night sorting candy for the candy bar:

Sigh. I know. I have issues. If only my overflowing closet looked as tidy as these little piles.

Until next time,


On Wednesday We Wear Pink!

Okay, not that I subscribe to that theory, but it sounded fun for today! I finally pulled out my newest Carolyn dress, one that took me years to find in my size! The one that matches my favorite water cup:

  1. Cardigan: Ann Taylor Outlet (3+ years old)
  2. Dress: Kate Spade Carolyn
  3. Belt: Kate Spade
  4. Shoes: Jimmy Choo
  5. Handbag: Kate Spade
  6. Cup: Starbucks

I am in love with this dress! I love the black & cream one I have as well. To me this is a classic Kate Spade dress, like the Jillian! I wish they would design more in these two styles with fresh fabrics. *crosses fingers*

Until next time,


Weekend Recap

Another crazy May weekend is coming to a close (thankfully!!), and I’ve sat down for a few moments to recap the past few days of outfits! I have kept to my “dress a day in may” resolution, and while I have repeated dresses, I think due to many outfit changes on some days, I should exceed 31 different dresses.

That said, Friday I wore this, a new (old) dress I picked up on eBay (I’ve managed some great scores lately on some older pieces!):






Cardigan: Target
Dress: Kate Spade
Belt: eBay
Shoes: Jimmy Choo strass
Bracelets: Kate Spade

Yesterday I put this on to finish some things around the house before heading to a party last night:




Dress: Alannah Hill
Shoes: Nina (but Strassed by me)

What I wore to the party last night:





Dress: Abaete (goodwill)
Belt: It’s a Wrap
Shoes: Montana Strass Christian Louboutin heels

And today I wore a new dress to church, I popped out to the Kate Spade outlet in Desert Hills (love y’all so much!!!), and my amazing sales associate out there had not only one, but two dresses I had on my “wish list”. Both were black & white, but as I’m a sucker for a good dress with pockets that fits beautifully, I am not ashamed to admit I purchased both!! It probably helped my decision that they are dresses from the retail store, not an outlet version. Soo, without further ado, my Adette dress:







Dress: Kate Spade Adette
Shoes: Kate Spade
Bracelets: Kate Spade

I just have to say, the Adette is right up there with the Emma style dress for me now! I adore the fit, the length is perfect, and of course it has pockets! Now I’m going to be looking for the grey & white version that was released earlier this year. Sigh. While I realize it’s similar to the Gayle dress (outlet only style) I purchased last month, the fabric is different and it has a small “sleeve”. The other dress I picked up Friday was the Hope dress, on sale online. Or call the outlet, they are happy to ship for a small fee.

A couple of snaps from a dear friends 30th birthday last night. I wore the white dress above at her request. And made French macarons & individual raspberry pies. The theme was “white & cobalt blue”:




So pretty! Happy Birthday C!!!

Until next time,


May The 4th Be With You

Now, let me say, until I met my husband, married him, and acquired my two step sons, I was NOT a Star Wars fan. AT ALL. As in, I was quite proud that I had never seen the movies!

Oh how that has changed over the past four years! Especially after realizing the boys’ birthday is today, on May 4th! (Yes, they share a birthday! Always a very interesting conversation to say the least) So, I am now a Star Wars fan. In fact, The Revenge of the Sith is currently blaring on our TV. Although, I much prefer movies 4, 5, and 6, merely due to being a HUGE Harrison Ford fan.

Anyway, there’s a little fun trivia about myself today. That said, I am continuing on my “A Dress a Day in May” journey, with this striped number:






Dress: Kate Spade Mariella Dress
Belt: Alannah Hill
Shoes: Kate Spade
Handbag: Kate Spade
Brooch: Vintage

I know so far I have stuck to Kate Spade dresses this month, and while I almost have enough to wear a different one each day, I will end up mixing it up. It was nearly 90 degrees today where I live, which means I’m not going to be wearing heavy wool dresses in May! I really do need to wear more of my clothes, or purge my closet (again!). We shall see!

Have a fabulous Sunday!

Until next time,



Today was full of stripes!!! Seems to be a thing with me lately come to think of it.

My outfit today:






Cardigan: Ann Taylor
Dress: Kate Spade (outlet dress)
Belt: Kate Spade (eBay, was NWT)
Shoes: Kate Spade
Necklace: Burlington Coat Factory

This dress! I had been shown it a few months ago at my favorite outlet, but passed because it does not have pockets (the horror!). But my husband and I saw it this past Sunday, and I actually tried it on. Well, the rest is history. Probably helped that it was on uber-sale (right at $100), so it came home with us. And the belt was an awesome eBay find a while back (under $20).

And that folks is how I broke my most recent “I’m done buying dresses!!” “Ban”. Whoops! However, I see this dress being a workhorse in my wardrobe, it’s a nice light cotton, fits well, and can be worn so many ways. My only complaint is lack of pockets, but I have so many other dresses with them, I shall survive. I love the feel of it, AND it passed the “windy day” test, which is always important where I live!

Hope your Thursday was grand! I got to make a super fun cake tonight, but cannot reveal it until after it is delivered tomorrow morning. It’s very cute.

Until next time,