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This yeah our Thanksgiving looked a bit different that normal. My husband is on a brutal schedule for the foreseeable future, and we are just be-bopping around it as best as we can. Instead of a day, it became a “week” of various events.

Monday we started with our annual Thanksgiving week Disneyland trip….which I wore a ridiculous Disney Christmas dress:

The purse lights up:​

Yup, I have officially gone over the edge! Enough to receive a “citation”!! We should back up to the Saturday before, when I popped into Disneyland for Mickey’s birthday, and to meet a friend of mine (Kristin over at Pink Lemons) from Instagram in person…..and picked up the Disney Christmas dress then:

Isn’t she the cutest? Blogging has provided a creative outlet for me, as well as meeting some really awesome people who understand that I need “all the dresses”!!

Tuesday I braved the 90+ degree weather in Los Angeles and cooked a scaled down version of my Thanksgiving spread….hey, tiny apartment, tiny meal right?! We also decorated the apartment for Christmas this year!

Wednesday was spent baking at our main house and preparing to head out to Palm Springs to see my parents….I made pies and iced cookies this year, while my mom pulled out all the stops for a big spread. We had a slight Christmas theme going on…because why not?! My favorite is the sweater cookies, customized with everyone’s name!

Mind you, my sweater was merely for show, as it was in the 90’s and we were running the a/c! My mom and I became “those people” and joined the masses Thursday evening for the shopping extravaganza. We were more like observers, as the deals were not worth the “frenzy”. For us, it was just enjoyable to be at the outdoor mall in November walking around and enjoying ourselves! We did buy some makeup:

Yesterday we popped over to El Paseo in Palm Desert, the weather was gorgeous! We hit Kate Spade, but I didn’t take any photos (oops!). I did try on this gorgeous Oscar de la Renta at the Off Fifth….sadly it was too big and I think altering it down would have ruined the beauty of the beading on the bodice:

I hope it finds a good home! My best “deal” was Kate Spade sheet sets at Nordstrom Rack for less than $40, and the lucky find of a .01 item! For us, “Black Friday” is never about waiting in a line or hunting for some insane deal. It was my mom and I hanging out and thankful that my dad is still here to drive us nuts and take the kids swimming in November! It’s been one helluva year, I am sad it’s almost over, but am very much looking forward to 2018 and whatever it throws at us!

Cherish your loved ones, one never knows when they may be gone. 2017 has been filled with an incredible amount of loss, and we nearly lost my dad, so it truly hits home. I am thankful for our wacky life, two households, endless freeway traffic, and a hoard of kids on a very alternative schedule! 

Until next time,


Mid-week Musings

Yesterday was interesting. I spent the day doing some serious retail therapy. Now, let me preface this with, while I spent hours shopping, I did not spend a ton of money. Target, Kohl’s and Bath & Body Works is not exactly serious shopping, if you know what I mean!

A new obsession, wallflowers:


I went to Bath & Body Works twice yesterday! Oh but my house and car smells so so so yummy today. I had a gift card and some coupons, so I got a good deal. And then used more coupons to order a few more items online today. Hey, I have 3 boys in my house, one IS a teenager and one is a pre-teen, so odor control is extremely important!!!

I mainly bought clothing for the kids (hey, jeans @ $10/pair?! Yes please!! And sweaters for next fall/winter @ $6?), as they are required to wear uniforms, and I do try to find deals being that they grow so fast. The Children’s Place and Kohl’s had some fabulous deals! I spent under $100 on the kids and ended up with quite a bit. But I did score a few things for moi.

First this Target dress. I’ve been stalking this dress for a year now. It was an online return to our local store, and I fell in love with the colour. Just not $35 love. So when I spotted it for $6.18, I grabbed it and looked around for dress thieves!!! Okay, well, kind of. I’m super excited about it!


And then these two tops at Kohl’s:



I am loving polka dots this year! And the mint green, well, it’s easy to explain. I also grabbed some fresh white t-shirts while at Kohl’s, and the navy one I wore today.

Today’s ensemble:



Top: Kohl’s, $7.99 + 30% off
Skirt: Kate Spade, off eBay
Shoes: Kate Spade, off eBay

I did nothing more than take kids to school and drop them back off today. It’s super windy and our weather is up/down, which messes with my sinuses. Other than playing catch up on laundry, I sat on my bed with the window open, enjoyed the delicate scent of my “spring” wallflower, read a book and occasionally looked up to enjoy my view.

Now back to my book and to plan tomorrows adventure. I have an appointment with a client who is also a dear friend to finalize her wedding plans! I’m SO excited!

Until next time,


Snow Day

Yesterday was so much fun! A friend and I went into downtown Los Angeles to hit thrift stores, and pick up my new pink shoes. We got back late, and I crashed. This morning I woke up to this:


Snow! Of course it was all gone by noon, nevertheless the children enjoyed a wet cold time this morning! (They cancelled school here. Yes, east coasters go ahead and laugh at us SoCal people!!!)

But alas, I still had to work. First though, my outfit yesterday:


Cardigan: Ann Taylor
Skirt: Ann Taylor (similar to the one I wore Monday, but different)
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Handbag: not pictured, but I carried my neon pink tiny Kate Spade Crossbody.

We had a blast yesterday, and while I didn’t go overboard, I have officially broken my shopping ban for this month. I scored two skirts at a goodwill for $10, and then at the store It’s a Wrap (they have clothing from TV and movie sets), I got a blouse (wearing it today, it was NWT!), two skirts and some pieces for my daughter. The one skirt, it’s amazing. I can’t wait to style it, sadly it was too chilly today. I’m going to save it though!!

My shoes: (and the Kate Spade bag I ordered last Friday came last night!!)


I am in awe of these, Joey really is a talented artist!! I now look at the shoes I have Strassed and think “oh man, I could have done xyz!!”. Needless to say, he is amazing. Redo my shoe

And today, my outfit (I’m trying to get creative with photographs. I need a new mirror!)




Cardigan: Kohls
Blouse: It’s a Wrap (the designer tag was cut out, tags were still attached but the designer names cut out)
Skirt: Cartonner (I think?) thrifted for $5. It’s gorgeous, made in USA, and the lining is superb!!
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Such a crazy day! I’m sad to see the snow go so quickly, but it’s really a blessing as people out here really struggle driving in bad weather conditions. I have a big 4-wheel drive SUV, and I know how to drive it, but I’m not the normal driver on the road!

Happy Wednesday! Hard to believe the week is half over. I need to figure out weekend plans!

Until next time,