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Happy Happy Day

Whew, long day! Let me tell you! However, as far as birthday’s go, it was FABULOUS.

I started the day with this, finding out it was being released today:


I wore this:




Cardigan: Kate Spade
Dress: The Real Real (thank you credits + discount!)
Belt: Target
Shoes: Crystal AB strassed Manolo Blahnik flats

This dress I believe is a sample piece, it’s a size 4, and is slightly unfinished inside. It’s too big, but I belted it and didn’t take my cardigan off anyway. I plan to have it tailored at some point! I love the print though!!

My sister sent me a very special birthday present all the way from the east coast:


Squee!!! So excited about that tiny little box!

My birthday present from my husband arrived:



So in love with this dress! Of course it has pockets!!!!

And I spent most of my day either baking (cookies and cake pops) or at kids’ sports. But even so, I was blessed by many wonderful birthday messages/notes/cards, I can honestly say with as full as my plate is right now, it was the BEST birthday ever! Hello 33, can we have a fabulous year together?

And now I retire to read my shameless Becky Bloomwood. She’s so crazy!

Until next time,