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Happy Halloween!!

I believe the title says it all. However, some highlights from my day.

My costume (worn all day, because I’m crazy like that!!):


My husband was a good sport and went out this evening as Danny to my Sandra Dee. Sadly no photographs were taken. I’m still shocked I got him in the jeans I got him into!!!

And this evening I carved my very first pumpkin (that I remember anyway!!). Wait, it’s Halloween night, why is this crazy girl carving a pumpkin NOW?! Because there is a contest going on at my husbands work and the deadline was extended for his office until tomorrow morning. Hey, the grand prize is an IPad, I simply HAD to give it a go!

So, I present my “safety theme” pumpkin. Yoda in a hard hat:



I highly doubt my pumpkin will win the grand prize, but it should win the office prize. Hey, not bad for a first-timer!! Okay, perhaps I should do well, being as I make cakes and sparkly artsy things. But, a knife and dremel tool can be daunting! I’m only sad the kids won’t see it!

Hope your Halloween was scary and fun! Ours was!! Now it’s off to bed in anticipation for November AND a time change. I also have some super amazing cake balls to make this weekend! And shoes to ship to a dear friend.

Oh my, I better get some rest! Going to be another busy Friday!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Until next time,