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Spam Folder & Earthquakes

I just have to share my little chuckle this morning.(and my OMG WE ARE GOING TO DIE IN THE RUBBLE moment!) I’m going through and editing comments (approving, keeping track of entries for my giveaway, etc), and I realize I have over 50 “comments” in my spam box. Really REALLY funny comments!

Have you, as a blogger, ever read the “spam” comments? I’m very thankful that WordPress filters these, but I am also happy they leave them for me to delete, as reading them, it’s HILARIOUS!!!

I’m not going to post any here, as from what I understand, that just creates more spam. But it really gave me a chuckle this morning.

For my OH MY GOD WE ARE GOING TO DIE IN THE RUBBLE moment, we had a 4.1 earthquake about 20-25 miles from the house this morning. My husband said it was a sonic boom (as I’m running for the doorjam half screaming, Oh my God it’s an earthquake!!) and proceeded to teach all 4 children about sonic booms this morning. Of course once I fired up the computer and Facebook was sitting right there, all I see is “earthquake!!” on my feed from half my friends (the ones who live in the same area). I’m just thankful it wasn’t a BIG one. I remember back in the 90’s, we had those two back to back in the same day. 29 Palms, and then Big Bear, within a few hours of each other. I was fairly young then, and I pretty much refused to go in the house for a while. I have an overactive imagination, so even being outside, I was imagining the ground opening up and swallowing me whole. Aw, youth! (although, that movie 2012? it TOTALLY supports my theory!! I mean we LIVE nearly on the San Andreas fault line!!) *sigh* I lived in tornado alley for years, and even when the sirens went off, I never freaked out that much, but the slightest rumble makes me completely week in the knees!!

I suppose now I need to finish getting ready and take pictures to post my outfit of the day! I have one of my favorite dresses on today, it’s totally vintage. I’m going to force my toes into my favorite Jimmy Choo’s as well, I only have to walk from the house to the car, and the car to my oldest’s recital. And then back to car and home. Soooo, yeah.

It’s going to be a beautiful day out!

Until next time,