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Tomorrow is my stepsons’ birthday (yes, they share a birthday!!), so I am sitting here wrapping the last few presents and wrapping and packing up the giveaway prizes!! (although, Miss Zoe, please contact me!! I have one left, it’s yellow, size 39, and it has your name on it!!)

Fun fun. And I have all this gorgeous ribbon from costco… its bow time!

First package for the giveaway


Second package. This is the “mystery prize”


And a lovely pair of movie tickets to my dear friend Courtney (the one who’s birthday present I posted as a teaser!). In fact, she should be getting said present soon!


And the birthday presents (although, wrapping these aren’t nearly as fun. I don’t know that the boys will appreciate all the bows!)



Back to wrapping. Ladies, your prizes will hopefully go out tomorrow. It’s dependent on my day. I’m making separate birthday cakes this year, but luckily we aren’t doing cake until Saturday, so I have some time.

The cake requests? The eldest wants a black sphere. The younger? NO idea. So I’m making him a purple pants cake. I think he will love it. And for me, it’s something different to play around with. I have some “clothing” cakes coming up soon, so this will be good practice!

The past two years it’s been Pokemon. I’m happy for the change!

Until next time,