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Projects, Soda, and Random Musings

This afternoon after my first (nearly) solo grill adventure (hot dogs!)


And the feast I then served on our back patio (freshly swept and all our work has paid off, our patio is cleared off and it’s party time!!)


I decided to indulge my daughters request for sparkly shoes. I bought her these last year to wear to my grandmother’s wedding. I mis-calculated her feet however, and she only wore them once (stuffed with tissue paper!!). Now that they nearly fit her, might as well dress them up more!


The sparkles on the toes were already there, I just painted the silver trim a pale blue and added light sapphire and light sapphire AB Preciosa crystals. SS16, SS30, & SS34. I went large and easy So it would go fast. Plus I won’t use the SS30 an SS34 anytime soon, too large for shoes!

And after dinner the kids all had their soda they bought at Rocket Fizz a week ago.


Aren’t the names cute? I also picked up a pile of salt water taffy there (yum! How did I not enjoy this before?!) I’ve been posting lots of random pictures on Instagram, follow me on there under KateSpadeGirlBlog.

Don’t forget, my contest ends tonight at 11:59pm!

Until next time,


What I’m Wearing

Today I am being a wee bit of a bum. Working on some show projects:


And not wearing shoes myself!


The Rundown:
Blouse: Kate Spade
Skirt: H&M

And yeah, that’s it! I have been working as well. Lots of emails and stuff to catch up on.

Until next time,


Project time!!!

Le sigh.

These just arrived.


My plan? Was to paint green (a shimmery of course!), and strass with green tourmaline and green tourmaline AB Preciosia crystals.



I love them black too!!!

However, the heels are fairly trashed and the leather is well broken in. Which is why I picked them! My navy Simple 100’s are too perfect to strass over!! And I have a lovely pair of black semi pointed toe heels. Two pairs actually!!



The red sole against the black. It’s stunning!! I’m in love!


And I know once I get them done I will love them. I’m just being fussy.

But goodness I am so so so so so so so temped to keep them black.

They are Décolleté in black jazz. The fit, it’s divine!!!

I tried on the Pigalle 120 last Thursday. That shoe is hot hot hot. It was actually quite comfortable. But then again, I have been known to wear 4″ heels to Kindergarten.

Your thoughts on these? And no, strassing the other two pairs of black heels are not an option. One is a Mary Jane style (Jimmy Choo, love them!!) and the other is a d’orsay style with a small now and other details. I also have my black Miu Miu sequin heels.

I do not need these in black!

But I so want them.

It’s okay, laugh at me. I am laughing at myself!

Until next time,