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Pretty in Pink

Today, as I pulled out a poofy pink dress, I realized I have nearly a dozen UNWORN dresses in my closet. Oops!!! But alas, I will wear them, one day. (Isn’t the first step to admit you have a problem??????) This one was NOT on my “buy” list at all. In fact it’s been on sale for months and I’ve always gone “naw, I have the pink Roset dress, they are the same colour” and passed.

Then it showed up on super sale, in my size. The husband said “buying it, if you hate it you can return it”. (He decided he loved it. Why I ever question him, I do not know) Well, low and behold, that funky side bow isn’t quite so funky after all! (It’s also hard when you can’t find a photo of anyone else wearing the dress and your local Neiman’s never carried it) AND its a different shade of pink than my Roset dress. It’s more of a rose pink vs the bubblegum pink.






Sadly it was too chilly today to wear it sans cardigan, but not chilly enough to break out my fur coat (which, let’s face it, would have been spectacular!)

Cardigan: Kate Spade (3+ years?)
Dress: Kate Spade (Neiman Marcus exclusive. Sold out, but does pop up if you watch the sale section.)
Shoes: Kate Spade (Saks Fifth Avenue Exclusive, Holiday 2013)
Necklace: eBay

I wasn’t feeling cheerful this morning, but it was hard to not be slightly cheerful when wearing such a bright colour! I’m really dreading the dentist tomorrow, and the interesting treatment plan we have. Yet also thankful it is covered by insurance, something very unexpected. I imagine I will be slightly wonky the rest of this week!!!

Until next time,