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I haven’t forgotten my blog, it’s just that we are in the middle of some huge life changes, and I have not made blogging a priority over the last month. I do try to keep up on Instagram, some days are better than others! 

Some recent outfits:
Went to a film premiere last night in Hollywood, Boo! A Madea Halloween. Which, is HILARIOUS. My husband picked out this dress, it’s a Kay Unger and it has POCKETS:

Best part? It officially opens on my birthday! It’s actually a movie I would let the kids watch, it has a good message. 

We have a new friend, Roxy, who is enjoying her happily ever after with Rocky:

I’ve added many dresses over the last month (oops), but I’m not excited about the recent Kate Spade released, which does make my bank account happy. I really need to finish the closet clean out I started, it’s a little out of control in there!

Biggest news is my husband has taken a job in Los Angeles, which means we will be moving there within the next couple of years. I’m still kind of in shock it all went down, it was fast and completely unexpected! He has settled in nicely, and the upheaval we’ve been going through the last few weeks seems to be calming down finally this week. Not sure how I feel yet about being LA bound, but it should be an interesting adventure!

Until next time,


Monday Reality

Sometimes the reality of being a mom isn’t much fun. Case in point, this morning. My youngest (I am determined to quit calling him “the baby”, as he has requested it, and he IS 8 years old. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!) has really bad allergies. Like we did allergy shots nearly 3 years ago bad. I last had him tested about two years ago (ish?). We switched medical insurance to Kaiser this year (which, if you can, they are AWESOME. Oh man!!), which means, time to do everything over.

Today was the dreaded allergist appointment. (Which he just got the referral last Tuesday!) I figured we would go, wait forever and schedule a follow up for him to be re-tested.

Nope! Our appointment was at 8:30. By 9am he had seen the dr, and was being prepped for allergy tests! (So glad I tortured the poor kid all weekend without any antihistamines!) Poor thing. This is right after the nurse stamped #’s and did the scratch test:


And this is a mere 15 minutes later:


Cats, dogs, grass, mold, and NUTS. All nuts except Almonds. Oy. Reactions were slightly better than the last test, but probably not enough improvement that he will grow out of it anytime ever. Luckily he’s a smart little thing and knows what he can’t eat. My heart ached as I had to keep those busy little hands occupied for those agonizing 15 minutes!! I must say, Kaiser’s staff made it almost a pleasant experience! The nurse had nieces and nephews who go to the same school as my kids, so she got little man engaged in talking about school, and we played “which reaction was which allergen” while I snapped photos and showed him. Much better than the squirming crying kiddo I had last time!!

By 9:30 we had dropped off his allergy prescriptions at the pharmacy and were on our way to meet a family member who needed a little tlc while their spouse had a procedure done. Let’s just say, Kaiser is bomb in my book.

That said, what I wore for this “fun” event (well, we made to fun after. Shopping, food, picked up Krispy Kreme for tomorrow morning AND a cheesecake for tonight! )





Dress: Kate Spade Adette
Belt: It’s a Wrap
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Handbag: Kate Spade

We stopped in at the Last Call outlet on our way home. They are having a HUGE sale, especially if you are in dire need of a cocktail dress! I picked up a cashmere cardigan for a steal, but passed on anything else (it wasn’t easy!!). Baby steps!

Hope your Monday was grand! Now I’m hiding over an ac vent, it’s 107 outside! Ugh. Summer, can you please be over already?!

Until next time,