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June. The start of summertime, the possibilities that open up as school ends and the weather warms with long days and gorgeous sunsets.

We have started our “summer” with a bang. My oldest was hired on at Camp Kooch-I-Ching in upstate Minnesota this year and so I saw him off on Wednesday. Hard to believe he finished his first year of Junior College and flew into the sunrise the next morning! I will see him in August, when I fly him to Orlando to meet me at Walt Disney World.

If you follow my Twitter or Instagram, you’ve probably noticed the Disney “madness”. Yes, I am an adult Disney fan. I also love dresses and sparkly shoes. My husband and I went sans kids last month and had a wonderful time! For us it was like being in a “bubble”, even with insane wind, rain and lightning (we were there the day one of the resorts was hit!), it’s away from the stress of daily life and the horror that is the news. Some photos….yes, I wore dresses even in the rain! Umbrellas up! (My shoes have finally dried out)

Our first morning, after flying in on the red eye (if you can snag an upgrade, do it. We arrived rested and ready to have fun!)

The day I pretended to be Barbie in Epcot: (dress is from the Unique Vintage/Barbie collaboration)

Last photo on our way back to our resort to head to the airport. We actually started at Hollywood Studios, and ended at Hollywood Studios. The massive construction makes this park a favorable spot to visit quickly, as until Toy Story Land opens the end of this month, it doesn’t have many attractions. Tower of Terror was our first and last ride of the trip!

Lots of food, lots of rain, lots of fun! We also booked a Savor the Savannah experience, which I HIGHLY recommend. We had an extended safari ride, got to see the giraffes up close and personal, and had dinner watching the sun sink into the horizon.

Some other outfits last month:

I have committed to curbing my acquisitions of new clothes, shoes & accessories for the foreseeable future. Instead I shall be “shopping” my closet and have already unsubscribed to as many “sale site” emails possible. You know you have a problem when your mail carrier stops and asks why you haven’t been receiving packages! I did try to order some items last month, but they were swiped off my front doorstep. So much mail theft going on, it helps with the “I need to not buy things” issue I have on hand. I have been listing things on Poshmark, and as we finish up the school year I will have more time to list more things. I know, who am I? Oh, a girl who wanted something really REALLY bad and was willing to give up shopping for it!

That said, occasionally I receive emails with inquiry to purchase items I have posted. I know I have scored some incredible bargains over the years, however there is more than the “cost” of the item posted, there is travel involved to sniff out those bargains, time spent getting there, time spent (usually HOURS) scouring through racks or bins or whatever to find one piece, parking costs, and other things. So if you are inquiring about something I may or may not be willing to sell, please understand my reasoning behind a price point. Fashion can be a bit of an investment, and I’ve spent hours upon hours sourcing and shopping for treasures!

With that said, I leave you with King Arlowe, who presides over the room full of spangly treasures I should probably sell:

Until next time,


Weekend in Review

I am home!!! You have no idea how happy I was to see my driveway at 2am this morning! The last hour in the car, my husband and I came really close to stopping. But I pulled out every crazy comment I could think of and kept him awake! Whew!

Some outfit recaps. Thursday I totally repeated what I wore LAST Thursday. Because it doesn’t pull anywhere and we had a 6.5 hour car ride: 


  1. Dress: Kate Spade
  2. Belt: Kate Spade
  3. Shoes: Christian Louboutin, strassed by me

Friday, I put this on:  


With a white t-shirt and the same black belt from the day before (I packed light y’all. It’s a miracle!!) Skirt is Madison Avenue.

Yesterday I wore this: 

  1. Dress: Kate Spade Sonja in Navy
  2. Belt: Target (little girls’ section)
  3. Shoes: Christian Louboutin
  4. Handbag: Kate Spade

See, I packed two pairs of shoes for this trip…my Alexandrite AB flats and a pair of flats for “working”. We went to handle my husband’s childhood home, and put it on the market for sale. I gave myself a new title “Jules the Picker”. I spent two days rummaging through 1600sqft of antiques, papers, bills, photos, glassware, dishes, etc. It was INSANE. But we got the things my husband wanted (and some glassware no one wanted, I intend to repurpose it), and we made it. Oh and my car towed a 12″ uhaul container beautifully! 




She even had a big birthday just east of Tehachapi:  


140,000 miles! I’m taking her in for a big spa day this week. 

We did leave the house today and I tossed on this shift dress that is oh-so-comfortable: 



  1. Dress: Kate Spade
  2. Shoes: Kate Spade (finally wore these!!)
  3. Handbag: Kate Spade

And a few fun photos from our travels….we were in Sonora & Angel’s Camp, about 2 hours east of Sacremento. So beautiful up there!!!! 





 We stayed with a cousin and they set up their motor home for the kids…of course now the kids want to buy one! We are considering a rental and a road trip next summer, but I don’t want to own the size RV we would need with a family of 6. That’s just too much!  

Party bus! So fun. I’m glad we got it done, the kids had a blast, and we made it home safe. Now we have just a week to prepare for back to school AND my daughter birthday is also this week. Going to be a busy one!!

Until next time,