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It happened. I wore FLIP FLOPS all day today. Hey, it’s hot, it’s summertime, and I had the day off to play mom with the kids, and so I dressed for the part (sort of)

  1. Blouse: Target
  2. Belt: Target (I think!)
  3. Skirt: Kate Spade Madison Avenue
  4. Necklace: Target
  5. Shoes: ?? Some off brand I picked up somewhere (I don’t even remember where! I usually wear them while I’m baking in the kitchen)

The skirt it a relatively new acquisition, but everything else is 3+ years old. I have so many clothes, I really need to start wearing more of them! 

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Oh Friday how I love thee! I actually had today “off” in a way, my only task today was to deliver French Macarons to my local Kate Spade outlet for their one year anniversary! Which means if you live near Barstow, Ca or are driving to Vegas this weekend…stop between 11am-3pm for “sips and snacks”! Which includes my Strawberry & Raspberry-Pomegranate French Macarons: 

 Oh and buy a dress…look at these killer prices: 

Unsure if all outlets are offering the special pricing on apparel this weekend, I do recommend calling before going! I don’t know why everyone keeps saying Kate Spade is having less sales, I feel like they have had more really good sales so far in 2016 than they did at this point in 2015! Online, all sale items are an additional 25% off. I know, someone please confiscate my Visa card.

My attire today: 


  1. Blouse: Kohls (Elle brand)
  2. Skirt: Kate Spade Madison Avenue
  3. Shoes: Kate Spade
  4. Handbag: Kate Spade
  5. Necklace: Kate Spade

Also the Banana Republic outlets has their men’s luxe v-neck sweaters for $15. I know it’s not really sweater weather here in Southern California, but supposedly a storm is coming through this weekend!

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Weekend Recap

The past few days have been a massive whirlwind! I had an order for French Macarons this week, and it sort of morphed into a MASSIVE amount of macarons! It helped keep my mind off the tragedy that is no more phone purchases at Kate Spade outlets! 

Friday I wore this:


  1. Blouse: Kohls
  2. Skirt: Kate Spade
  3. Belt: secondhand (I wear this one a lot!)
  4. Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Saturday I did not get dressed. I had some emergency dental work on Friday and was exhausted! So, I spent the day cleaning & baking macaron shells: 

Sunday started at 1am, when we all got up and trudged down to Disneyland to volunteer at the half marathon (I love doing this!!). Over 18,000 of these: 

I wore this afterwards: 


  1. Blouse: Ann Taylor (6 years ago)
  2. Belt: Target
  3. Skirt: Kate Spade Madison Avenue
  4. Shoes: Christian Louboutin

I baked more shells Sunday when we got home and spent all day yesterday filling them (and I did get dressed, but didn’t take a photo. It wasn’t very exciting) 

15 different flavours!! So excited for my customers this week to pick these up and enjoy them!

And finally my outfit today: 


  1. Dress: Kate Spade
  2. Belt: secondhand (brand unknown)
  3. Shoes: Kate Spade
  4. Necklace: Banana Republic
  5. Handbag: Kate Spade (isn’t it the prettiest red?!)
  6. Puffball: Kate Spade (he needs a name!)

Hope your Labor Day weekend was restful! Mine was insane and busy, but I loved every minute!! Even with a raging headache most of the weekend from the dental work last Friday. I also got through the weekend without buying anything major, even with all those sale emails!!! Of course something about no send-sales made that much easier. My husband and bank account are both happy!

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