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Macarons and Crystals

I stayed in today, and baked.

And strassed shoes. I have some very lucky friends writing sparkly gifts!!

First my outfit: (Alannah Hill Dress)


First pair of shoes I finished:


Pair I am nearly done with (one show complete, the other half done)


And my Macarons! Mint, almond, and orange. Mmmm.



And there you go! Tomorrow I’m taking my kids ice skating. I found out today I can still wear my skating dresses from 1996-1997 skating season. Holy cow!! I guess that’s a good thing. Perhaps I shall post pictures. I might be able to wear the right attire, but that doesn’t mean I can skate like I did back then! No more triple jumps, that’s for sure!!! At least now I remember where my live of sparkly things came from!!!

Until next time,