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As today was the gates St Patrick’s day, green was a must (although I’m not technically Irish, unless you count “by marriage”?!), and I also attended a field trip with my daughter who essentially picked this outfit out!

  1. Cardigan: Ross
  2. Dress: Kate Spade Lyric (Capri 2014 collection, also available at the outlets for Spring 2015!)
  3. Necklace: Target
  4. Shoes: Christian Louboutin, strassed in Green Tourmaline
  5. Handbag: Kate Spade
  6. Coin Purse: Kate Spade

I also picked this up (so glad I waited!!) at Bloomingdales….and they have a HUGE sale starting on the 25th!! (Pre-orders right now)

And of course, there is a Surprise Sale going on over at Kate Spade. I won’t spoil the surprise, but my husband picked out a couple of things (although it’s quite horrible when you have most of it already, right?!), AND the Charleen dresses I hunted down a couple of weeks ago are on there!!! Some great pieces, and it’s a “Wedding Belles” edition, so if you are getting married?! Hello great gifts for your girls!! (Or a blue sparkly sequin dress for yourself!) Hurry, ends on the 19th, and things are already selling out! Surprise Sale!!

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In Denial

I am in denial that it’s windy and the weather is changing (again!!). Not to worry, my pounding headache reminds me every 2.5 seconds! But I’m still hanging on to “early spring” until after dinner tonight!





Cardigan: Target
Skirt: Banana Republic
Shoes: Christian Louboutin flats Strassed in Violet and Violet AB crystal
Handbag: Coach
Necklace: Juicy Couture

I also baked last night, it was a lemon-extravaganza! I made Lemon Cupcakes filled with lemon curd an lemon buttercream, and lemon French Macarons. I didn’t get cupcake photos, but Macarons? Enjoy:





Mmmm perfection! I’m now going I enjoy the next hour and a half of freedom, with a book or maybe a small nap. The wind is howling, and this weather just gets to me! But I have an amazing view from my bed, so I am blessed to be inside away from it!

I have some exciting things going on that I can’t share yet, but it’s big!!! Eeks! I’m such a nerd and I love it. I’m also planning a St Patricks Day giveaway, just waiting for the stuff to come in. (All giveaways are sponsored by me personally. And all opinions are mine. I do not make any money from my blog!)

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