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Ooooo, it’s one of those days! Normally I take the summer “off” from my cake/wedding business, but this week I somehow ended up with not just one, but two cake orders! Luckily it’s been a slow week for my office job, so I haven’t been stressed not ignoring the family.

But I HAVE been ignoring my wardrobe! Case in point, today. I’m wearing total “slob” clothes (grubby t-shirt and old shorts), due to the 20lbs of fondant (not as much as you would think, it’s heavy stuff!) I’ve made, and will be working with later to finish these two cakes.

However, I do have some fun photos from yesterday afternoon! Some goodies from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale!

This dress & belt:



Kate Spade Emma Dress

This adorable (and completely frivolous) stamp set


I finally caved and snagged this with an old code I found in my email for Kate Spade:


And completely resisted the ongoing surprise sale over there! I was tempted by the pale blue Vail dress, but not enough to pull the trigger.

And lastly, even though her birthday is nearly two weeks away, I wrapped my daughters birthday presents last night.


Why you ask? Well, it’s just a crazy couple of weeks ahead of us, and I figured if I didn’t get it done last night, I would be panicking ON her birthday about finishing it! Because, it has to be pretty, right? It’s so bizarre, this is the first year I didn’t buy her any toys. She’s going to be 10! I still wanted and played with Barbie then. (But then again, I was the nerdy awkward kid/teenager. Kinda still am actually!) Alas, it’s clothes, jewelery, and lip balm. (I will not cave on makeup, yet)

So it’s back to playing with fondant for me. I talked my husband into driving me to Starbucks for a coffee (because the fancy espresso machine collecting dust in my pantry, has NO coffee grounds to go IN it.), as I imagine it’s going to be a late night. I could get used to this “husband home 24/7” thing!

Until next time,