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Whoops. Oops. I broke the “no shop January” today.

However, it could have been much MUCH worse. I ended up with crystals:


I passed on these (and it was sooooo hard! Kate Spade heels for $6?! But they needed new heel taps, and I’m not normally an animal print person):


I did pick up a Banana Republic skirt from Spring 2005 I had wanted but didn’t buy then, for a whopping $2 (score!), and some clothing for my daughter. Then we hit up Its a Wrap and bought the kiddos a pile of jeans, and I slipped in the most adorable skirt. But my husband paid, so that doesn’t count, right?! (Hahahahaha) Then I managed to keep my itchy fingers from picking up another Kate Spade dress at Nordstrom Rack that was really too big, and frankly overpriced for the rack. Sigh.

I wore this today:





Cardigan: Boden
Top: Flora Nikrooz
Skirt: Kate Spade
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

I believe however, THIS was the highlight of our day:


Hello gas rewards!!! Nothing like filling up my big SUV for less than $30!!

Anyway, I suppose I failed at no shop January, but will start fresh tomorrow and see if j can make it more than 10 days!

Until next time,