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Oh boy…today was BRUTAL. My antics of the previous few days hit me hard. I am blessed to have a brilliant massage therapist and chiropractor who help keep me mobile…and I got to see them today!

My outfit: 


  1. Cardigan: Kate Spade
  2. Dress: Kate Spade Deanna Dress (it’s a purple-pink colour)
  3. Shoes: Kate Spade (eBay find. Not the most comfortable shoes, but I can tolerate them for short periods of time. I knew I wasn’t on my feet much today)
  4. Handbag & Scarf: Kate Spade
  5. Necklace: Kate Spade 

I caved and hunted these down today….using an assorted combination of gift cards(I guess saving points can be useful sometimes, right?!)….I’m secretly hoping they arrive very quickly! (The store is about 70 miles from my house) 

I am just seriously falling in love with Sophia Webster!! The details on her shoes, not to mention how unique they are. Heaven help me if she ever starts making clothes!! See her current collection here. Such fun and whimsicle designs! I adore Charlotte Olympia’s designs, but I am not a platform girl. Sophia Webster seems to be the same type of whimsy, but without those platforms!! The quality is sublime as well. 
Until next time,



I have had a rough week, in that I wrenched my back on Tuesday, and have just been “off” ever since! I would imagine this insane weather (it snowed in the local mountains today!) isn’t helping!!

Yesterday I wore this, the 20-25MPH winds have required strategic dressing!


  1.  Sweater: Banana Republic (oh how I wish I had 2 or 3 of this one! White sweaters never last long for me!!! Luckily it was about $11)
  2. Skirt: Thrift store find, under $10
  3. Necklace: Vintage, was my Nana’s
  4. Shoes: Christian Louboutin (a very recent acquisition…..I’m smitten!)
  5. Handbag: Kate Spade Quinn (please bring this style bag back Kate Spade!!!) 

And today, another blustery day: 



  1. Sweater: Kohls (another one I wish I had bought 2 or 3 of!)
  2. Skirt: Vintage, picked up at Its a Wrap
  3. Shoes: Kate Spade

I shipped and delivered and people picked up LOTS of French Macarons this week, in a last minute decision on Tuesday to make them this week. I should have made 10 dozen more!!


I need more of these adorable gift bags….presentation is everything with French Macarons!! 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Tomorrow morning I will take my teenager for our weekly treck to the local outlets. My goal is to not buy anything at Kate Spade. I have failed the last two weekends!!! Sunday we are volunteering at the Tinkerbell Half Marathon at DISNEYLAND! Super excited…I will be at the finish line water station….in sparkly shoes!

Until next time,



What a week! We had quite a fun Thanksgiving, popping up to Lake Arrowhead, where it was still a whopping 70-something degrees! (FYI, it was 80-something at my house this afternoon!!) I am having a difficult time getting into the Christmas mode with late spring temperatures!!

What I wore Wednesday:




Cardigan: Kohls
Dress: Kate Spade
Shoes: Light Siam Strassed Jimmy Choo flats

And yesterday I wore this, courtesy of Rent the Runway:





Cardigan: JCrew Kids
Dress: Kate Spade, via Rent the Runway
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

I did not cook this year, instead I made pie:


And to celebrate “Black Friday”, I wore this today to pop out to Target with my husband:




Cardigan: JCrew Kids (same I wore yesterday. It didn’t last long either day! Too hot!)
Dress: Kate Spade
Belt: Kate Spade
Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Did you hit the sales today? We felt the sales weren’t what they were last year. I bought a few odds and ends (mainly some movies), but overall I was very underwhelmed! Even the ongoing Kate Spade Surprise Sale hasn’t tempted me! Perhaps I am simply “shopped out”! (Yeah right) We honestly don’t do “big” Christmas though, but there’s still 20-something days left, so who knows!

Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be back to decorating the house tomorrow:


It’s always a 2-day job!

Until next time,