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Lazy Day

Well, I wish it was going to be a TRUE lazy day, I have a pile of stuff to get done, I’m rather bogged down in work today, and so I have just thrown on essentialy what I wore yesterday, with the exception of my top. I’m threw on an oversized cashmere sweater. It’s ugly, but SO warm, and it’s chilly today!!

I know, turn on the heat, right? WRONG! No heat, I need the kitchen cool for my day, but I might stick my head in my 350 degree oven at some point.

If I finish early enough, I’ll throw up a sneak peek later of my fashion I’ve been putting together for my weekend getaway to Vegas (we leave tomorrow morning, yay! And the best part? A stop in Primm on the way up, and the Kate Spade Outlet!!!!)

I always struggle to pack, I tend to OVERpack, It’s hard to narrow down to just a few pieces, one or two pairs or shoes, ONE handbag! Luckily we are driving up tomorrow, so if I overpack a bit, it’s not like an airline is going to charge me. My husband is a saint though, as even if I have everything perfectly planned out for a trip, I STILL agonize!!

I will leave you this morning with a favorite photograph of mine. Taken late one night from my balcony (eek! I ❤ my balcony!!! Totally makes living where we live bearable!)

That moon! Its so stunning. I need to blow this up and hang it somewhere!

Have a gorgeous day! Back to my kitchen to get to work, and then to my closet to finish my packing!! (all while running kids 15 different places)

Until next time,