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Giveaway Results!

I had meant to post this earlier today, but time flew away from me, and now as I sit here printing fun things for St Patricks Day, I figured it was a good time!

The entries:


And the winners! I decided to send out 5 prizes, several which shall remain a surprise. The winners are numbered as to which prize (listed below)


Note that I wrote where the entry came from next to the name (or Instagram name)
1. Bag & Goodies in it: thisgirlonabudget from Instagram

2. Stripe pouch & Hair Stick: Haley (if Headband a Day)

3. Surprise: Courtney

4. Surprise: rae_frog from Instagram

5. Surprise: Amy from blog

Please email me at: with your shilling address so I can get your prize out! Any winners who have not contacted me by March 25 shall forfeit their prize.

Thanks y’all for “playing”. Congratulations to the winners!!!

Now to go post it on Instagram!

Until next time,



Saturday can go three ways in my house, either I’m working, we are cleaning/yard work, or we do NOTHING.

Sadly today was a house/yard work day. I spent the morning vacuuming out my SUV, something that hadn’t been done in months. I expected to find hundreds of tiny crystals from all my shoes. Imagine my surprise when this was the sum of my sparkly “loot”


Yup, 4 measly crystals! Believe me, I checked closely before vacuuming, merely because I was curious. In fact only two of those were found in the front of the car, where I sit, the other two found in the back where my daughter sits! I daresay that I should be proud, as it must mean I am doing something right with my shoes!

Anyway, I have spent the rest of the day with the piles of laundry (I provided linens for a party last night), and overseeing my daughter in her housecleaning “duties”. (She chose to clean bathrooms and sweep floors over mowing lawns. I don’t blame her, it was hot today!) We did sneak out briefly late this afternoon to run a quick errand, and so I got dressed:





Cardigan: Target (2+ years ago)
Skirt: INC, thrifted
Shoes: Christian Louboutin (eBay)
Handbag: Kate Spade

Don’t forget, two more days to enter my giveaway:

Details here:

Have a great weekend!

Until next time,


Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

As promised last year, I bring you my Valentine’s Day 2014 giveaway! It’s a collection of some treasures I have collected over the past few months, purchasing and/or picking up a duplicate for one lucky reader!


Included is the following items:

Framed Kate Spade 20th Anniversary Print
Lenox Butterfly Meadows Dragonfly Salt & Pepper Shakers
Starbucks GC
Pearl statement necklace

Everything pictured really. I’m so thrilled to share these items with you! I’ve been sitting on this all month, wanted to wait for just the right time!!

Now for the rules:

1. Open to the entire world. (Woot!!)

2. To enter, comment on this post. Additional entries may be obtained by reposting my Instagram photo and tagging me. I’m KateSpadeGirlBlog on Instagram. You may also email me for a 3rd entry:

3. Contest will close on February 5th at midnight PST. Winner will be announced on/around February 6th. (Would like to get this to the winner as close to valentines day as possible!!)

4. All prizes provided by me, paid for by me. I don’t do sponsored posts or giveaways for companies.

And that is it! Share with your friends on Instagram!

Happy Friday & good luck!

Until next time,