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Ouch, it’s hard to believe fall is “officially” here! Of course it still feels like summer where I live, although I haven’t had to run my air conditioning in a few days, which is nice! While I’m ready for fall, I’m still dressing for summer, something required when the high hits the low 90’s!

Sunday I wore this, first time since I fixed the broken zipper!




Dress: Kate Spade Emma Dress
Belt: Made by me
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Simples
Necklace: unsigned, picked up at Burlington Coat factory for less than $10
Bracelet: Ben Amun
Handbag: Stuart Weitzman (an it’s a wrap find for under $20!)

I did not receive any assistance from Kate Spade to fix my zipper (which is unfortunate, especially as they have used this color zipper since this dress! I only needed a zipper pull!!!). I ended up hunting down the company who manufactures zipper FOR Kate Spade and got a rose gold zipper pull from them (sadly, it does not have the pretty “bow” pull, but it IS the right colour!) and replaced it myself. Voila! Back in business. Add in a large necklace and wear my hair down and no one will notice the pull is different! (And even then, most people probably wouldn’t know)

Yesterday I wore this, an eBay find I was super excited about as I’ve been hunting for a black Jillian dress in my size for over a year!




Dress: Kate Spade Jillian
Shoes: Kate Spade
Necklace: Kohls

I threw the same dress on this morning to run kids to school. I’m actually headed back home, I’m working from home today, packing (I leave tomorrow for a week out of town), and doing “mommy” duties so my brood doesn’t starve while I’m gone. Food (specifically dinner) is my husbands love language, and so when I have to be gone, I try to make a point of preparing meals that are super easy to heat up and serve. This working mom and having to travel is rough yall!

Hope your week is awesome! My updates will be sporadic the next week or so. Catch me on Instagram (katespadegirlblog) or Twitter (ksgirlblog) for photos of my adventures!

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Red, Navy, & Sequins?!

Sometimes I just have to make the title funny, why not? It amuses me, so I assume someone else out there gets a laugh at how utterly ridiculous I am!

What I wore today:





Cardigan: Kate Spade (forgot I had this!)
Blouse: Banana Republic
Skirt: Anthropologie (secondhand)
Belt: Kate Spade
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

I did not wear a smashing necklace today because my neck has been bothering me. I am going to blame watching the Olympics on my iPad and all the French Macarons I’ve been making. Speaking of those, I was at it again tonight!



That’s a vanilla macaron with a salted caramel cream inside. I also made chocolate, chocolate mint and coffee. This weekend I will whip up more almond, before shipping a huge order back east. I have been super good and have only snuck in 2-3 since last week. I consider THAT an act of God!!

I also got two boxes of lovelies from the Kate Spade outlet this afternoon. This purse:


And the matching dress:


It’s the exact same style/cut as the black one my husband bought me Saturday in Palm Springs. When they had this one come in to the outlet on Sunday, well, he jumped on the bandwagon and bought it! Now I just need an occasion to wear it. It’s quite blinding in the sun!!!! I know this dress really made the rounds before the holiday season last year, and I loved it then, but not at the $799 price tag!! It was discounted enough that I couldn’t say no.

Where would you wear it? I mean I would wear it to take the kids to school and maybe throw on my fur coat, but that might be pushing it a little. I would totally wear ballgowns every day if I could get away with it and it wasn’t such a pain to drive my car in a big dress. But that’s me. I love to channel my inner princess as much as possible.

Don’t forget to check out my blog sale. So far u have dresses listed, will be adding other items soon. I am open to negotiation as well.

Until next time,