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Phoning It In

Today that was me, totally, utterly “phoning it in”, clothing wise! I started the day in pants, or should I say “slacks”, and then swapped them out for a skirt when I ran out of the house for errands this afternoon. Of course I was so busy baking I didn’t get photos in my first outfit. I did for the second one…and honestly? I was not feeling it. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t feeling extraordinary today? Not sure, but I sure was feeling macaron-making! 

First my outfit:

  1. Cardigan: Kate Spade
  2. Blouse: Elle (Kohls)
  3. Skirt: Kate Spade
  4. Belt: Kate Spade
  5. Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Today was a major baking day. See, it started yesterday when I went to the dentist. And walked out with a handful of macaron orders. I had to bake already today, so what was 8 dozen more macarons?! I also did a new flavour, Key Lime Pie (key lime buttercream with biscoff cookie crumbles!)

It was soooo good. And tomorrow? It will be even better!!!! I also made a cake, my white chocolate cake with fresh strawberries, covered in my strawberry buttercream (that is more buttery than sweet. It’s divine), for a colleague of my husband’s wife. He was SO excited about this cake, it just reminded me WHY I love to bake, because of how happy it makes others! I do hope his wife loves it, and t lives up the the “hype”!! (I had sent cupcakes a few weeks ago of the same cake/icing combo to my husbands office. I think it’s even better in a cake though. It smelled sooooooo amazing)

Yes, I had TV on the iPad….Reign on the CW. I just love seeing the costumes!!!!

And finally I finished this little project, for my youngest who requested it for a special event coming up. I love that he wants something sparkly to go with my shoes for our outing!!

My youngest kills it! Well and my middle son, he always wears a sparkly bow tie to events! It’s kind of their “thing”. The girls dig it too. 

And now, off to bed. I excited for next week, my schedule slows down a bit and I get a “do-nothing” day!! Of course all my insanity IS self inflicted, but it sure is fun to run like a madwoman!!

Until next time,


Tuesday Blues

As with any morning after “staying out late” (and by “late” I mean rolling into my driveway at 10:23pm. I know, I am SUCH an old lady sometimes!!!) this morning was brutal to get up!! Luckily I had a very light schedule and was able to stay home this morning to catch up on some customer quotes, return emails, and generally prepare for the 2015 wedding season! I have a few awesome events on my books this year, and I am thrilled! (One is a very special person to me, I’m honored to truly be her “wedding fairy godmother”!!)

I did however manage to dress myself:




Sweater: Kohls (Elle brand)
Skirt: thrifted, no tags
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Staying home also helps my “no shop January”, although it sure is hard to resist the call of eBay! (I did. For now. Still selling not buying. Well, I’ve bought for other people, people whom I shop for, but it’s not for me, so it’s not the same. I never count shopping with other people’s money, because I would NEVER have a no-shop week!!) Stay strong, anyone else who is attempting to get through January!

Until next time,