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Weekend Recap

Yesterday, I had the most amazing day! I drive for the high school kids, and while they do their event, I go explore the area closeby. Yesterday I dropped kids off in Cypress (right by Disneyland! Soooo missed my annual pass!!), and then another mom drove as well and she tagged along. As she had never been to downtown LA, well, I felt obliged to show her some fun spots!!!

We started at the fashion district, which was insane!!! I really didn’t buy too much, just a couple of baubles for something next month and a few small items for my daughter. But I have to say, if you are a fan of leggings? That is the place to go! Wowzers!!! Lots of great dresses, blouses, 3-4 items for $10. Nothing really up my alley, but I know where I will be taking my daughter shopping when she’s a teenager! It was discount Forever 21 haven!

My outfit:




Cardigan: Kate Spade
Skirt: Kate Spade
Shoes: Multi-Strass Manolo Blahnik flats I did

After the fashion district and a quick stop at my favorite crystal shop, we popped over to Exposition Park and had lunch at Freebirds (Chipotle on steroids!), and then a pit stop at Bottega Louie:




Before chauffeur duties came back up, I did stop at the Kate Spade outlet at the Citadel in LA. It must be one of the larger outlets I’ve been too! Sadly I felt that it was so-so. Most of the clothing was made for the outlet (and the quality was frankly, quite yuck!), and the few non-outlet items they had were more expensive (even on sale!!), than they were on the website (or had been during various sales). I did not buy a single thing! I wasn’t even tempted. Well, I was, but the two things I really wanted were not even close to being in my size!

And today I wore this to church, bringing Palm Sunday a couple months early:







And came home, finally opening my cookie boxes from Bottega Louie:


Sooooo yummy! I am highly inspired to bake this week, I think I may play around with some new macaron flavours.

My parting shot for today? I found my shadow! And my husbands!!


Until next time,