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We did a thing on May 31st, we left this planet and travelled to a far off outpost called Batuu. Woah. Disney went above and beyond! Some highlights from our night:

My outfit (this was taken in Downtown LA)

And for anyone traveling during the reservation system in place at Disneyland, these are my thoughts…copied from a Disney group I shared it in:

Some highlights:

1. Being “smuggled” into the Falcon attraction via the Fastpass queue. I won’t share all the details, it’s a bit scoundrel-ish.

2. The creature stall!! Porgs, Lothcats, and a bunch of weird stuff I don’t know what it all is, but they made noises and looked creep and/or cool.

3. Droid building! My youngest did this. He was so excited. Said unit is now downstairs harassing my Lothcat.

4. The food we tried was OK, but bear in mind I have allergies and a sensitive stomach and so we didn’t delve too deep into food last night. I wanted to enjoy the land and not end up in the infirmary.

5. TALK TO THE CITIZENS. I cannot stress this enough. I always tell people to talk to other people as you never know who or what you will meet and get into. Well, this is absolutely the case on Batuu. Woah.

6. Download the Play Disney app. That was MY highlight, interacting and exploring that way. I suppose I’m just a dirty rotten scoundrel at heart. Hondo, I feel ya man.

7. If you experience motion sickness on Flight of Passage, might want something for the attraction. We rode twice and I was DONE, even medicated. The boys rode EIGHT TIMES. The single rider queue was open and they took full advantage. I think they also smuggled themselves in a couple of times.

All in all, WOW. But bring your earthly credits, for these traders want ALL OF THEM. No need for paid previews…Disney is making up for any lost revenue with the fabulous and incredible merchandise. And everyone was handing over credits for the items of their dreams, because Batuu is every Star Wars lovers DREAM.

10/10 recommended. And I’m a recent Star Wars convert. However I did have a backstory and spent a lot of time cultivating it with the citizens. Because that’s just me.

Overall, Disney did an incredible job with this expansion and beautiful land. If you’re a Star Wars fan? Go. You will be able to live out your dreams in reality!!

Rising suns,


*this is not a paid review and we were NOT hosted by Disney. Just Disney fans who hopped online to make a reservation and took the day to go play on Batuu!