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Monday Blues

Er, perhaps that should be greens! But I’m really not blue today, it just sounded like a fun title.

My outfit today:




Cardigan: Ann Taylor
Dress: Reproduction from Twilight
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Decolette

And yesterday I repeated my Saturday afternoon “stay home and bake” outfit:


Cardigan: Chaps
Dress: Kate Spade (isn’t is freaking ADORABLE?!)
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Simple

I figured I didn’t go anywhere Saturday evening, so I threw it back on again on Sunday to run some errands. And bake. (Only me!)

Some of my recent escapades:

I tore my closet apart looking for a skirt I may or may not have owned once:


Did not find missing mythical skirt (I even scoured my photos and blog, so perhaps I dreamed it?! Hrm!!!), but I did clean my cardigans & shoes up:



Of course it is temporary. Within a month or so, the chaos will be back. Sigh.

I also made some baked goods this weekend:




And shipped a TON of goodies out this morning, from sparkly shoes to sparkly cookies, these packages will (hopefully!) bring joy and enhance the recipient’s lives.


Yes, I am acutely aware of how utterly ridiculous I am! Kids are all on half day this week, so I figure I will be a little crazier than normal. Tomorrow I’ll share some of my thrift finds from this morning! Super score! (Things are being laundered, so photographs are not possible at this moment)

Until next time,



Anyone who knows me even in passing probably has caught on to my obsession with cardigans. I wear them with nearly everything! I probably own, well, perhaps I shouldn’t share the exact number, but suffice to say, I own many.

I love Target’s cardigans because they are, well, cheap when they go on sale! And I often will “restyle” them, add lace, change the buttons, things like that. Here’s a couple from there that are seen by the world quite often:

I also have the one above in black. They were on sale for $7.54, hard to resist! (and I had $4 off a sweater coupon from the holiday coupon book! So they were under $5 with tax)


I will also scour Ross, Marshall’s & TJ Maxx. This black & white “pinup”-esq came from the clearance rack at Ross, if I remember correctly, it was under $10.


These two I picked up at Banana Republic yesterday. They were already marked down, with another 25% off and I had some store credit. It was around $30 for both. I love the navy one, it’s such a reminder of a Kate Spade cardigan I love, but is nearly $300!



And lastly, a few of my much-worn Kate Spade cardigans. All either purchased second-hand. I love the black one the most, and have some really fun shoes that “match”.




Until next time,