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Woah, this week has been INSANE. We don’t live too far from the Blue Cut Fire out here in California that raised utter devastation this week. It’s been a second week of the kids out of school, and just trying to stay out of the smoke & ash flying everywhere. I have never ever witnessed such a fast moving fire in my entire life (and I’ve seen some big fires!). Our family has been praying for all those affected and thankful it wasn’t as bad as it looked, as far as home loss went. Still, nearly 100 families lost EVERYTHING. My heart goes out to them all. 

You can see, this was taken at 12:30 on Tuesday:

And at 1:15pm, it looked like this:

Both photos taken from the same spot on my balcony with no filters or flash. I was thankful we had decided to allow our oldest to star driving to/from school again (after not driving all summer!), because it allowed the kids to get home quickly, and not have to wait outside for a ride. They got to have two more days off, going back finally today. It seems to be under control, the air is clear at my house, however there is lots of ash on my front porch!! We need rain so much!

Some outfit recaps:

  1. Dress: Prada
  2. Belt: Oscar de la Renta
  3. Shoes: Kate Spade

I wore my Broome street dress again, this time with a different belt:

  1. Dress: Kate Spade Broome Street
  2. Belt: handmade, picked up secondhand
  3. Shoes: Kate Spade (way old!)
  4. Necklace: Kate Spade (currently at outlets)

That’s about it, I’m back to baking this week (yay!), lots of Macarons and tonight finishing some miniature cupcakes to take to my dad’s birthday party tomorrow! Watch out El Paseo shopping district, here comes my Visa card this weekend! 

Hope your weekend is fabulous!

Until next time,



Wait, is it spots or animal print?! You decide:

  1. Shirt: Kate Spade Broome Street
  2. Skirt. Kate Spade 
  3. Belt: Kohls
  4. Shoes: Jimmy Choo

The t-shirt is part of the new Broome Street collection, and it comes in white too! Isn’t it adorable? It’s a very thick cotton, and the bow is the same material on the skirt of the dress I wore yesterday! My skirt is from several seasons ago, however I picked it up secondhand last year. It could pass for spots, but it’s really animal print. I am sad that I have the outlet version, which means there is a lack of pockets. 

Until next time,