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Oooooooo, Monday we meet again! With school out, my oldest gone for the summer, and all the productions over, I finally feel back to “normal”, whatever that is! 

My outfit today:

  1. Dress: Kate Spade Mariella
  2. Belt: Kate Spade
  3. Shoes: Jimmy Choo

We had taco Monday:

Mmmmmmm. I fry my shells in coconut oil and they are so so SO good that way!

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Dress A Day In May

Ooooo, I had forgotten about this fun little thing for May, where you wear “a dress a day”!! A bunch of gals on Instagram did it last year, and I joined in (but I mean…that’s normal for me anyway, right?!), and so yesterday kicked off 2015’s #DADIM on Instagram! Today I went for it with GUSTO, wearing TWO dresses! 

Started the day in this…leaving at 5:30am to go pick up my husband’s car (it had a recall), and then popping up to the outlets with my teenager who needs just a few more hours of driving time before he takes his test at the end of the month!


  1. Dress: Kate Spade (picked up during Saks’ Friends & Family sale….its a 0, which I’m actually glad about because of getting it on/off. A 00 would fit properly, but I could see struggles to get it off!!)
  2. Belt: came with the dress (but ohhhh the possibilities of belts with this dress! All those fun colours!!)
  3. Shoes: Christian Louboutin

I then changed after we got home, as the temperature had gotten out of control, and the balloon dress is a VERY heavy fabric. I pulled out an oldie but one of my favorites…the fabric is so light and airy, yet does NOT fly up in the wind!




  1.  Dress: Lela Rose for Target/Neiman Marcus (which you can find this on eBay for less than $15 WITH SHIPPING!!!)
  2. Necklace: Kate Spade (on sale here )
  3. Belt: Kate Spade, Navy Glitter (pops up on Nordstrom in the sale section from time to time…)
  4. Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Strassed by me, but I ended up wearing the Nina Jellies (also strassed by me) in the last photo above.

I made some tiered cake/dessert plates: 

Also working on ice cream cakes for the May birthday boys!! (Two on Monday, and the youngest later in the month)




 My homemade mint chocolate (made with Godiva truffles)  ice cream wih mint chocolate marbled cake, and chocolate buttercream. Hopefully they won’t be too disappointed it’s not from Baskin-Robbins!

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Black Friday

I woke up this morning absolutely dragging! So I threw on what I consider my “workhorse” dress! This is really my “go-to” when I feel blah, but still have to go to work or anything else.

Kate Spade Hope Dress:




Dress: Kate Spade
Belt: Off eBay (a pink version of the one I wore yesterday)
Shoes: Jimmy Choo

I also carried the same pink bag from yesterday.

I hope your Friday was fabulous!!

Until next time,


California Blues

Oh my goodness, it’s another GORGEOUS day here in California. I got to go to Hollywood today to see a movie screening, which I must say was kind of cool!

My outfit:




Cardigan: Target (but this didn’t last past noon)
Dress: Kate Spade
Belt: off Ebay
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Except in LA, it’s pea soup and traffic:





And we went to dinner at The Smokehouse (which is apparently a fairly famous place in Burbank. No idea, but the food was AMAZING!!)



All in all, a good day!

Until next time,


First Day of Summer + Giveaway Time!

Happy first day of summer! Or the summer solstice. Or the longest day of the year. Or, you know, whatever you want to call June 21st!!

But for me? It’s project day. Which includes the project of finally announcing my summer giveaway! Win one of these prize “packs”:



Necklaces are from Target, and the belts are adjustable off eBay.

Rules as follows:

1. Open to anyone anywhere. Provided I can ship to your location from the United States.

2. Comment on this post for initial entry. Post this photo on Instagram and tag me for an additional entry (@katespadegirlblog hashtag katespadegirlblogsummergiveaway )


3. Send me an email for an additional entry:

4. This giveaway is sponsored by me and me alone. No goods, services and/or money was received for this. Nor shall it. All items purchased by moi.

5. *edited to add this!* Giveaway ends at Midnight PST on June 30, 2014

That’s it! Plain and simple! I like to keep things easy. No restrictions for those whom have won in the past, no crazy steps you have to take.

Good luck, and happy summer to y’all!!

I’m off to finish some household projects, and my annual summer deep clean. It’s the one weekend all summer I get to stay home!

Until next time,