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Lights and Dirt

Well, as I’m outside “babysitting” my car’s battery, and The Engineers tools required to change a simple blinker light in my car, I realize I have yet to blog today! Lexus needs to simplify changing a light!

You see, we are supposed to be out of town today. But I’ve not been feeling well, and trying to corral 4 children at an amusement park, even with The Engineer, it’s just not going to happen. Luckily we hadn’t told the children (for this very reason!), so they were none te wiser.

Last night we took them bowling (I sat at put crystals on shoes while they all bowled. My lovely arthritis truly wants to flare, so throwing a 9-lb ball is probably a bad idea!). Today we went and played mini golf (under black lights! Sadly no photographs, iPhone refused to cooperate! Which was a bummer, as my engagement ring center stone has strong blue florescence, and it glowed beautifully the whole time!), and then we played laser tag. I won laser tag with a whooping 6,200 points, The Engineer and I played against all 4 children. Our combined score was 10,200, to 700-ish. We killed them! So much fun.

So anyway, some very strange outfit shots today!




Woah, is that moi? My hair is super blonde right now, something I didn’t realize until I saw these!

The Rundown:
Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren (prescription)
Blouse: Banana Republic Outlet
Shorts: Kate Spade
Shoes: Miu Miu

I actually wore my strassed Jimmy Choo flats out this morning. But now that I’m “working” outside, I grabbed what was by the door. A very dirty pair of Miu Mius I wore to Big Bear last week!

And for fun, what I’ve been working on. Strassed Manolos!


Doesn’t it look like the old lights that the casinos in Las Vegas had? Like way back in the day.

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