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Wait, WHAT?!

Yes, I am sitting here saying just that. I had a lovely day, only to check the news before bed to see that one of those Kardashion people has the same birthday as I do. (Well she’s older, but still) I celebrated in a much calmer way though! 

My first outfit: 


  1. Cardigan: Kate Spade
  2. Dress: Kate Spade (super old…I’ve had this for about a year and hadn’t worn it. It’s too big though! I guess I’ve lost weight and not realized it)
  3. Shoes: Christian Louboutin
  4. Handbag: Kate Spade (a birthday present from a mentor/friend/someone special)

My youngest has half day all week so he took me to Starbucks (shhhh, I gave him “his” card, which was actually a card I put money on so he could “pay”. He’s so precious!), and then I took him to Waba Grill, we shared a bowl that we took home: 


Mmmmmm. So yummy. It’s a huge portion though! I think I’ll get a kids bowl next time! Of course I had a strawberry cupcake too….my favorite. I had made dessert for our bible study dinner tonight…shhhh, most of them didn’t know it was my birthday. I’m a ninja like that! I did change before we went though…I mean what’s a birthday without outfit changes?! 

 (Love this face I’m making…I have NO IDEA WHAT I WAS THINKING! It seemed appropriate though, so enjoy!)

  1. Kate Spade (recent poshmark find! It’s an older style, gorgeous heavy fabric & lining!!)
  2. Belt: Anthropologie
  3. Shoes: Jimmy Choo (oh how I love these! This was my INSANE find in Arizona two weeks ago. In fact, I’m going to say these are my sparkly birthday present to myself.)

I must admit, normally I go buy myself something on my birthday, but I did not this year. I’m trying to chill a bit on non-essential purchases, just because. My closet is bursting, and even with nearly a dozen pairs of shoes on loan for a film project, my shoe racks are also out of control! My weekend goal is to really take some time and clear some things out. I have a lot of pieces I don’t wear, but don’t want to get rid of! But it’s time (again!). 

Until next time,



Ooooo, it’s one of those days! Normally I take the summer “off” from my cake/wedding business, but this week I somehow ended up with not just one, but two cake orders! Luckily it’s been a slow week for my office job, so I haven’t been stressed not ignoring the family.

But I HAVE been ignoring my wardrobe! Case in point, today. I’m wearing total “slob” clothes (grubby t-shirt and old shorts), due to the 20lbs of fondant (not as much as you would think, it’s heavy stuff!) I’ve made, and will be working with later to finish these two cakes.

However, I do have some fun photos from yesterday afternoon! Some goodies from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale!

This dress & belt:



Kate Spade Emma Dress

This adorable (and completely frivolous) stamp set


I finally caved and snagged this with an old code I found in my email for Kate Spade:


And completely resisted the ongoing surprise sale over there! I was tempted by the pale blue Vail dress, but not enough to pull the trigger.

And lastly, even though her birthday is nearly two weeks away, I wrapped my daughters birthday presents last night.


Why you ask? Well, it’s just a crazy couple of weeks ahead of us, and I figured if I didn’t get it done last night, I would be panicking ON her birthday about finishing it! Because, it has to be pretty, right? It’s so bizarre, this is the first year I didn’t buy her any toys. She’s going to be 10! I still wanted and played with Barbie then. (But then again, I was the nerdy awkward kid/teenager. Kinda still am actually!) Alas, it’s clothes, jewelery, and lip balm. (I will not cave on makeup, yet)

So it’s back to playing with fondant for me. I talked my husband into driving me to Starbucks for a coffee (because the fancy espresso machine collecting dust in my pantry, has NO coffee grounds to go IN it.), as I imagine it’s going to be a late night. I could get used to this “husband home 24/7” thing!

Until next time,



As promised, purple pants cake!!


It was a surprise, I hope he liked it. (always hard to gauge his reactions)

And another of the Galaxy or Cosmos cake (with sparkler candles!)


Ahhhhh. And now I can sit back and let them destroy everything. Lol!!

Until next time,



Tomorrow is my stepsons’ birthday (yes, they share a birthday!!), so I am sitting here wrapping the last few presents and wrapping and packing up the giveaway prizes!! (although, Miss Zoe, please contact me!! I have one left, it’s yellow, size 39, and it has your name on it!!)

Fun fun. And I have all this gorgeous ribbon from costco… its bow time!

First package for the giveaway


Second package. This is the “mystery prize”


And a lovely pair of movie tickets to my dear friend Courtney (the one who’s birthday present I posted as a teaser!). In fact, she should be getting said present soon!


And the birthday presents (although, wrapping these aren’t nearly as fun. I don’t know that the boys will appreciate all the bows!)



Back to wrapping. Ladies, your prizes will hopefully go out tomorrow. It’s dependent on my day. I’m making separate birthday cakes this year, but luckily we aren’t doing cake until Saturday, so I have some time.

The cake requests? The eldest wants a black sphere. The younger? NO idea. So I’m making him a purple pants cake. I think he will love it. And for me, it’s something different to play around with. I have some “clothing” cakes coming up soon, so this will be good practice!

The past two years it’s been Pokemon. I’m happy for the change!

Until next time,


Food Moments

Mmmm, we’ve been running almost all weekend, drama, piano, church, yard work, planting more flowers, 15 trips to the hardware store (well, not really, like 5, but it feels like more!!!), birthday shopping, so I did an easy “appetizer” night.

Pot stickers (oh man I love these!! I fry ours in grapeseed oil, it’s amazing), artichoke red pepper appetizers (soooo easy to make, and they look so pretty!). Ice cream for the kids later, and an ice cream shake for me that I picked up on one of my store runs! (it’s got caffeine, which I need today!)


I started dessert first though!!


My artichoke appetizers, it’s so simple! Here’s how I make mine (I adapted a recipe I found online, I didn’t like their ingredient list, it used onion!)

Jules’ Artichoke Appetizers

14oz marinated artichoke hearts
8oz cream cheese
1/2c Parmesan cheese
Chopped sweet red peppers (to taste)
Juice of one lemon
Garlic powder & salt to taste
Phyllo Dough Squares

Preheat oven to 375, fill mini muffin tins with phyllo dough squares. Set aside.

I chop the artichokes and red peppers, and throw everything in the bowl and mix. You can put the artichokes, cream cheese, lemon, & Parmesan cheese in a food processer (the only one I own is strictly for making almond meal for French Macarons).

After mixing everything, put the artichoke mixture into the phyllo cups. Sprinkle parmesean cheese on top (optional, I like the kick), and bake at 375 for 18 minutes (please note that I have a wicked crazy oven, so you might have to cook longer. Mine runs hot, but I am always baking, so I adjust accordingly. My oven and I are great great friends 90% of the time. The other 10% I want to kill her)

Enjoy! These are delicious!! And they are bite sized!!


Don’t forget, giveaway closes tomorrow!!

Until next time,