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Travel Beauty

Traveling is hard for me, streamlining, packing, cutting down what I want to take to what I really have room to take!

Some beauty tips while traveling that I go by:

Plan in advance. What I mean by this, is just like I planned my outfits (an still changed things around!), plan your beauty routine around you wardrobe as well. I like to coordinate eyeshadow to my blouse, or maybe my skirt, etc. so I pack eye makeup accordingly.


I have super sensitive skin, so I am unable to be brand loyal to any one brand. An eyeshadow from one brand might be okay, but the blush from that same brand will make my skin break out and get irritated (I.E. mineral makeup gives me the effect of a chemical peel without any of the benefits!!)

So this trip I brought:
Eyeshadow: Artistry & MAC palettes (the Artistry palette was created by Francis Hathaway, a very well know makeup artist)
Mascara: Artistry (<3 this!! It's about $12, and in my opinion, beats DiorShow hands down)
Blush: Artistry baked blush (LE Fall 2011, fanfreaking tastic color!!)
Face powder: Victoria's Secret Pearls (I used to use Guerlain, but the new formula breaks my skin out)
Foundation: DrJart+ Beauty Balm (this is amazing!!! And it doesn't break me out like most foundation I've ever worn, plus it's very sheer)
Moisturizer: Artistry Creme Luxury (wow, this one is killer. Worth every penny)

Victoria's Secret "shimmer" pearls


Artistry’s Baked Blush (I love love love this!!)


How do you streamline your beauty routine when you travel?

Headed home from an incredible weekend. (perhaps one last peek into the Kate Spade outlet in Primm. Maybe) Bye bye Vegas, see you next year!

Until next time,


Beauty Staples

A few beauty staples I swear by. As in, I would pick them if I was stuck in a desert island!

L’Image VitalC creme. Best moisturizer I’ve ever used, hands down! On my 4th pot in 2 years. Worth every penny, especially when I get carded for lottery tickets!!


Oil of Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion treatment. Wow, does this make my skin fresh! I use it about once a month.


Artistry Essentials Mascara in black. I’ve used countless mascara over yr years, and this is the only one I’ve bought as many times as I have! (I’ve been through about 9 tubes now) The best for its price point (under $20)


Out The Door Topcoat, <;3 this!! Dry nails in 60 seconds? Yes please!


MAC pigments. A small glimpse into a huge problem! 🙂 I haven’t bought any in years, they last forever!!!


Guerlain Meteorites, perfect to “finish” you face. Plus they are tres gorgeous containers!


And my most used beauty staple? Gold Bond lotion. I have such dry skin, I go through buckets of this! If only I could get a bulk discount!!


My favorite shampoo and conditioner, the smell, it’s divine


And I recently discovered BB Cream. I bought the Garnier one because it was fairly inexpensive, and I could get t without driving far or placing and online order. After a week, I love it! I’ve gotten so many compliments!!


So, items I use daily, do you have a favorite beauty product? Out of the above mine is my shampoo/conditioner, merely for the smell. Mmmmmmm

Until next time,