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Another Saturday, and another adventure! This time it was a treck down to The Grove with my mini-me to a dear friends’s birthday party! My daughter wore pink, and at 10, she’s still at the age where it’s “cool” to match mom (oh heavens I hope that never changes!!! She talks about wanting to raid my closet, I hope it doesn’t change when she hits those teen years!!)

My outfit:





Cardigan: INC
Dress: Kate Spade Hattie
Shoes: Kate Spade (I LOVE these! They need a trip to the spa though, badly!!)

Cake & Ice Cream at The American Girl Cafe:


And some yummy smelling lotion I picked up (gift cards people, gift cards!!), free of all that yucky stuff:


I really didn’t take many photos all day, we were enjoying being “in the moment”. Although I wish I had thought to snap a photo of some of the craziness at The Grove!! Yoga in front of Nordstroms (it was 86 degrees out!!), Lunar New Year decor, and as always, a gazillion tourists!! I’m sure “famous” people were there too (they always are), but I don’t really watch for that. It’s all I can do to walk on those cobblestones without falling flat on my face!! But all in all, a grand time was had by all.

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