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Hump Day!

Wow, already halfway through the week. Although I have to admit I feel like it should be Friday!

My outfit today:






Cardigan: Kate Spade
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Handbag: Kate Spade

This afternoon I settled down to a little crafting for tomorrow’s bible study session. I meant to do this for LAST week, but with work being so busy, it didn’t happen. So excited about these little DIY candles!!





So easy too! Clear votive candles, sparkly stickers, and voila! I’m pulling out a super fun sparkly table cover to use as well.

One thing I wanted to mention this week, 55 Thousand Dresses in LA is having a warehouse sale this weekend! Pop on over to their site for more details! I would like to go, but My husband and I have a date with some cars instead. Who wants a car when you can buy 55 THOUSAND DRESSES?!

Hope your Wednesday is fabulous!

Until next time,


55 Thousand Dresses

Tucked away in the warehouse district of Gardenia (just off the 110, south of El Segundo) is the most amazing treasure box!! 55 Thousand Dresses is the most amazing place ever. This gentleman, Paul started collecting dresses for his wife in the 1950’s, and over time as they shared life, parenthood, and their mutual love of dancing, they have collected over 55,000 dresses.

Well, they have opened the collection to the public, not only to see it, but to BUY it!!

I contacted them a little over a week ago, and scheduled to visit today (I’m in LA all week for various reasons). It was amazing. I’m not one to be overwhelmed, but I was extremely overwhelmed!!! I honestly really looked seriously at skirts, merely because I need another day to look at dresses. Which is going to happen in a few weeks!

Some photos from today (and I think they are going to post some on their website or their Facebook page as well):

This is mainly skirts:


Racks and racks of dresses:




I purchased 3 skirts (I wanted so many more!! But we had several more places to shop, and tomorrow is downtown LA) and was gifted one by Paul, it’s in need of some serious TLC, but I have grand plans!

The skirts I purchased:


What I wore today:


Dress: Calvin Klein (I just realized I wore this last Tuesday!!)
Belt: Thrifted
Shoe: Strassed Louboutin
Necklace: Target

I highly highly recommend that if you can, send an inquiry and go visit this treasure trove!! 55 Thousand Dresses They are open on Mondays by appointment, and watch their website for upcoming “open house” events. Costuming, proms, black tie, even amazing wedding dresses!!! From Vintage to 90’s, it’s there. Just amazing. I’m still excited about it!!

I was not compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own. I haven’t ever addressed this on my blog, but I blog because I want to, there is no monetary compensation involved. This was an experience I arranged and decided I HAD to share it with everyone!!!

Have a wonderful week, I’ll try to take time to share some of my other purchases this week as well!

Until next time,