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Happy Mother’s Day

To my mom, and all mothers, Happy Mother’s Day! 

My kids made me breakfast:

I think they are still cleaning the dishes tonight! But they did it 100% on their own, I must be doing something right. To my mom, for teaching them how to make eggs, thank you! She has far more patience in the kitchen than I do! 

And my youngest baby….who sleeps about 22 hours a day:

Who ever EVER does anything naughty. Nope, he does NOT have a claw in my curtain, no way! 

Hope your day was fabulous!!

Until next time,

PS: I know I’ve been absent. I had major surgery 5 weeks ago, and have been keeping on mainly on Instagram. Recovery has not stopped me from acquiring new things! 

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  1. Tina

    We do Mother’s Day big in my family! I think it is one of my favorite times of year after Christmas and I’m glad to hear yours was a success. As for your recovery – it certainly can take time but it seems like you are being smart about it. Only do as much as you feel comfortably able at first, but do a little more than you have been when the pain lessens but don’t forget to fit in rest time. Omg I sound like such a nurse – oh wait, I am one…lol!

    May 16, 2017 at 02:24

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