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Smoke & Fire

The fire nearby rages on, which has resulted in the kids getting an unexpected two (so far, we shall see about the rest of the week!) days off from school. Today I was able to be “off” with them, and so we went to the theatre! We saw the new Star Trek movie, I love the new ones. I mean, I love them ALL, I remember going to see them as a little girl, but the new ones really take the CGI and make it so beautiful and real on screen. If you haven’t seen it? I recommend going!

I wore this, which has become my favorite summer dress, it’s so light and comfortable!

  1. Dress: Kate Spade (still available online!)
  2. Sandals: Kate Spade (probably 4-5 years old)

Hoping they get the fire under control, the air quality is terrible and my sinuses are miserable!

Until next time,


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