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Well I had intended to post my outfits for today. However I discovered tonight that there is a scammer on Instagram attempting to fleece Lilly Pulitzer fans out of their hard-acquired Target finds.

So if you sent this person (who uses the name Elle Peterson and an address in Tampa, FL) a package, please check your tracking and see if you can recall your item! If you paypaled her? No advice there, I just hope you stay on her!!

I know I sold a ton of Lilly for Target stuff last week, but I was super aware, everything went with tracking numbers and I’ve been in communication with any gals who have contacted me. I’m pretty easy to get ahold of (shoot if we emailed you probably have my phone number and business name!!!) It would not have even occurred to me to attempt to scam anyone in this day and age.

The internet are circling around you Elle Peterson. I will be initiating further investigation tomorrow morning. Good luck to anyone who got scammed by her! 

I will resume normal blogging tomorrow…tonight I’m using it as a platform!

Until next time,


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