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Weekend in Review + Big Announcement

This past weekend was unique, in that we had only our eldest child with us. Who needs LOTS of hours behind the wheel. So he was the driver and my husband and I inflicted that unique torture only parents can…SHOPPING TORTURE! I remember it as a kid! I think it’s a rite of passage!!

Saturday I wore this:



  1. Dress: Kate Spade (super old!)
  2. Belt: eBay
  3. Shoes: Nina, painted and Strassed by me
  4. Handbag: Kate Spade

We bought lots, mainly sweaters and polo shirts at the Gap for $1.79 for my husband:


And ties for $1.97 at Banana Republic:

 Sunday I wore this:




  1. Cardigan: Boden
  2. Dress: Kate Spade (outlet exclusive here in the US, available now)
  3. Belt: Kate Spade
  4. Shoes: Kate Spade

I snagged my daughter this at Target for a mere $10 (my husband thought it was Kate Spade!)


And today I wore this:




  1. Cardigan: Boden (same as yesterday)
  2. Dress: Kate Spade
  3. Shoes: Christian Louboutin
  4. Handbag: Kate Spade

I also bought wine based on my purse:


Hey, the oldest child went to camp this morning, so I planned a romantic Italian-themed night for dinner! Picnic style! I doubt we will open this bottle, but it seemed like a really fun idea at Costco. Along with everything else I bought that I didn’t need. Don’t. Go. To. Costco. Hungry.

Oh and the crowing moment of my day? I finally got my act together and picked giveaway winners!!! Ta-da!

In order, 1st, 2nd and 3rd: (top to bottom)


BevCruz from Instagram, JeanJu from a blog comment, and ladrini from Instagram. I’m so high tech, this is how it’s done…names written on paper pulled from a Sugarfina candy cube:


Ladies please email me with your address so I can send your prizes!! 

Until next time,


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  1. Love the look … stunning

    April 5, 2015 at 11:47

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