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Dessange California Blonde Review

This month I received a “VoxBox” from Influenster (a site that sends you free stuff to try and review…this was actually my first one), full of Dessange hair care products. Now being a gal who colors her hair almost as much as she changes handbags, I am ALWAYS looking for the perfect shampoo/conditioner. Anything with purple is even better (hello brassy hair!).


Let’s start with the shampoo & conditioner. I like it, it has a nice scent, did not leave my hair greasy or limp, but I didn’t see a change in my hair color or any “illuminating” from it. However, like I said, the scent is nice (and let’s face it…..I buy shampoo for the smell most of the time, tell me gals you have done this very same thing before!!), and I would buy it again. It has a nice light floral scent, and I was able to go 3 days between washes, and my hair still smelled decent! (HUGE awesomeness right there) So, a decent shampoo, decent price range, and available at Target. My local stores have a great display of the entire range! I feel for the price point, it’s a good product.

* I do wish it was sulfate-free, as I still have yet to find a sulfate-free shampoo that doesn’t RUIN my hair. Alas, chemicals here I come!!

But my FAVORITE product out of the 3 I was sent is this stuff:



It’s like purple shampoo on steroids. Seriously, if you have dyed blonde hair that tends to go brassy, this is BRILLIANT. As you can see I have been making MUCH use out of this tube, and I will be buying it again when this one is gone! I have noticed that my highlights have not been as brassy, and it leaves my hair very bouncy. I’m in love with it.

So, thank you Influenster and Dessange for these wonderful products! While I may not purchase the shampoo/conditioner (let’s face it, I’m a shampoo cheater!), the CC Cream has become a “‘must have”! 

Until next time,


*I was sent the mentioned products free of charge in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

2 responses

  1. OMG. I used to have this orchid shampoo that I was OBSESSED WITH… just for the smell. I definitely miss it, but it was awful for my hair!!! Finding a good shampoo that doesn’t weigh my hair down is SO HARD… forget about the scents.

    March 23, 2015 at 02:19

    • Hahahahaha!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who makes bad shampoo choices based on smell! LOL!!!!

      March 23, 2015 at 02:19

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