Fashion, Food, Desserts, being a 30-something mom is exciting!


It’s Monday, and I survived the dentist. Honestly, they had me under twilight anesthetic, and let me pop my ear buds in. So I had music not the drill, and I do believe I fell asleep!!! Best resting ever since.

I did have to work before though, and I wore this:




Cardigan: Kate Spade (eBay find, I do believe it’s a sample piece. I LOVE IT)
Skirt: Vintage
Shoes: Kate Spade (super amazing eBay find, under $20!)

Hope your Monday was lovely! I’m not horribly uncomfortable this evening, just taking precaution and going to bed early to rest. I feel confident in the dentist and our revised treatment plan, it’s a little unconventional, but then again I am unconventional!!

Oh and I have totally blown no-shop January. After selling a TON of stuff on eBay this past month (well over $1,000!), I finally spent a bit and picked up a dress that was on my wish list, a Jillian dress for way way way less than I expected to find this particular one for. And then I had credits on The Real Real, and ordered a dress that my husband said last night he regretted me returning last year. (But after my credits and discounts it was under $20. And I paid with eBay sales $$) Overall, I have still made MUCH more than I spent in selling clothing this month, and I have a huge pile of more items to list this coming week. It feel good to send off my unloved treasures to what will hopefully be a well-loved new home. I’m also sticking to stricter shopping “rules” for 2015, buying shoes that I know won’t hurt my feet, and dresses that I know flatter my figure and that I know I will wear.

Until next time,


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