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Bye Bye 2014!!

It’s been a STELLAR year, if I do say so myself! I was going to do an outfit “lookback” post, but alas I fear I took a nap this afternoon instead. OOPS!!!

What I rocked today, while pretending I have some “fabulous” party to attend (I don’t, we are staying home and I am cooking right now. In my PJs. But I took the kids out for lunch today)




Cardigan: JCrew Kids (I know, I’m mildly obsessed with this)
Dress: Kate Spade (on sale at Bloomingdales & Kate Spade!)
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Our dinner table tonight:


And there you go. I have pie, steak and mashed potatoes to go make to feed my troops. Less than 6 hours before 2015! I’m super excited for the new year!!

Happy New Year!!!


2 responses

  1. I love love love that navy dress… and I love that you rocked it for NYE!!!!!! You are the best, ever. I want to be just like you. 🙂

    January 2, 2015 at 02:55

    • Your so sweet!! Im not the best ever, but i thank you for the wonderfully kind words!! Happy new year!!!!! 🙂

      ❤ Jules

      January 2, 2015 at 02:57

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