Fashion, Food, Desserts, being a 30-something mom is exciting!

Happy Halloween!

I love when Halloween falls on a weekend night, makes the evening not feel so crazy rushed!!!

This morning I had some errands, and of course the school run. Yes, I am THAT mom who does full hair/makeup/outfit to drop kids off at school. Not for every mom, but it really makes my day go smoother and I just feel better. Crazy I know, but the insane things I do to ignore my arthritis pain as much as possible!





Sweater: No Label, picked up at Its a Wrap, it’s from the Desperate Housewives set (100% cashmere, it was chilly this morning!)
Skirt: Vintage (love this navy skirt!)
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Navy Simples

I scored some great finds at some small thrift shops by my house, the best was these:


I LOVE vintage necklaces, and the sparkly clasps are lovely!!! Less than $5 for both!

My husband and I went dressed as a “couple” this year:


The idea stemmed from his new glasses, and sort of grew from there! I couldn’t find a pocket protector (and him being an engineer, I’m not quite sure why he doesn’t HAVE one!!!), but he made do with his pile of writing instruments. My dress is vintage (thrifted, under $7), and the fur stole a friend gave me. Shoes are Kate Spade, not the ones I would have liked to wear, but when you ignore your pedicure, closed toed shoes are required! Plus it was quite chilly tonight, I think fall has finally arrived.

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween! Can you believe we have a time change this weekend?! Eeks!!

Until next time,


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