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Start of the School Year

Oh my, can you believe it? School started today!!! I was hoping to grab a nap this afternoon, however I had to work longer than usual, so, I’m chilling for a short time period before braving the pickup lines at school (which if this morning was any indication, this afternoon will be insane!)

I have neglected outfit shots, but I did take some yesterday:



Dress: Kate Spade Hattie Dress
Shoes: Kate Spade

And today, Anchors Away!





Top: Anthropologie, Thrifted
Skirt: Dress Corilynn
Belt: Kate Spade
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Strassed by me.

The past couple of weeks has been so insane, I couldn’t even begin to explain! San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, Las Vegas, I feel like I have lived either in a hotel or in my car! Anyway, it’s back to “normal” in my world!

Until next time,


2 responses

  1. The Hattie dress is just sheer perfection on you! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!

    August 5, 2014 at 02:25

    • Thank you!!! It’s becoming a favorite. I have a penchant for black & white. Lol!

      ❤ Jules

      August 5, 2014 at 02:36

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