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Polka Dots

Let me start by saying, it has been BRUTALLY hot this week. As in, yesterday? The only time I left the house was to walk to the mailbox. Even that made me want to crawl back into my cool crisp sheets! I think the combination of last week/weekend + this heat spell has me utterly exhausted. I really need to get better about overdoing things!

So, today I must go to work. The perils of being an office girl. (Hard to explain my job, it’s so many various things!!) Now I don’t have to dress up, I choose to dress up to go into work. My boss, she doesn’t care. (Often times I take my shoes off when I get there! Shhhhhh)






Dress: Hobbs, off eBay (around $25)
Belt: Thrifted, $1
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Simples (off eBay, I sold a bunch of stuff to pay for them)
Handbag: Kate Spade Wise Owl Quinn

Still skipping any jewels, just not feeling the “accessorize” bug right now. That estimated high of 102-107 is looming over my fashion decisions this morning!!

I didn’t take an outfit photo yesterday, but I did wear this dress:


Sans shoes of course. It’s a Banana Republic dress I snagged at my local goodwill for under $10. I had to take it in a bit + sew those straps in the back, as they kept coming undone. It’s super light and comfortable for summer. I’ve been in a total clothing rut the past couple of weeks, I imagine it’s the heat coupled with my arthritis is acting up. Which is odd, usually I feel good in the summer, from all the heat! The perils of aging I suppose!

Do y’all have plans for the 4th? My oldest has ROTC events (thankfully I am not driving, merely lending my kid & my car to the CO!), and I imagine we will fire up the grill & watch some fireworks. The ones in our area aren’t that great, last year the kids said “can we go home? Disneyland fireworks are SO much better!”. Our town was only setting off one rocket at a time with HUGE pauses between! Super lame!! Maybe we will stay home and watch from my balcony, we have a good view of the whole valley.

Either way, I DO have my outfit planned!!

Also, I will be announcing the winners from my summer giveaway tomorrow!!

Until next time,


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