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Oh my, July 1st already? Is it me, or is this year flying?! Of course I have realized as I get older time seems to pass much more quickly. I remember as a little girl the agony of getting through summer and into the fall. (The perils of having a late fall birthday!) Now? I’m like “wait, SLOW DOWN!!”.

Anyway, today was fairly uneventful, this week is a week of handling the kids’ drs appointments before they go back to school in less than 5 weeks. And it’s hot. Like “die in the sun” hot. As in, it was 107 according to the bank I drive by. Which means getting dressed is not very adventurous. I have thrown this particular dress on SO many times in the past few weeks! It’s lightweight, has pockets, and best of all? It doesn’t fly up in the wind (which has been as brutal as the heat!)





Dress: Kate Spade Ikat Dress (from 3-ish years ago?)
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

No jewelery, as my neck is still sore from the sun it got over the weekend. But really, it’s too hot for heavy jewelery anyway!

Do you have 4th of July plans? Not sure yet what we have planned, I realized today when a girlfriend asked me I not only had NO idea, it hadn’t even registered in my brain that is it THIS Friday. Oops!

Until next time,


2 responses

  1. I’m pretty sure that’s the perfect HOTTER THAN HECK summer dress!! It’s started getting really hot here this week so the only thing I can think about is staying cool. No plans for the 4th yet here. we keep tossing around the idea of going away… and yet… I’m still sitting here with no plans! And YES! This summer is FLYING BY.

    July 2, 2014 at 02:19

    • Lol!!! I hear your weather has been decent though. Aside from humidity. (One reason I left Dallas)

      Oooo, going away?! Fun fun! GO! The things one can do without a gaggle of children is amazing. Lol!!!! We’ll probably go to the city event here, it’s usually pretty big.

      But NOTHING beats Kaboom Town! So I suppose I’m a tad jaded! Combine it with many Disneyland firework nights, le sigh.

      ❤ Jules

      July 2, 2014 at 02:23

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