Fashion, Food, Desserts, being a 30-something mom is exciting!


Today was a wild day. I started out the day with a super cute skirt, but due to high winds, I had to change!




Cardigan: Talbots (thrifted)
Blouse: Anthropologie (thrifted)
Skirt: Kate Spade (the skirt that started it all!)
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

And what I changed into this afternoon (I had to run out of the house for some errands. I wasn’t keen on flashing the whole world!)




Cardigan: Kate Spade
Dress: Target (under $10 on sale!)
Shoes: Kate Spade (Off Fifth outlet)

And what I’ve been up to the past couple of days, TONS of cake pops & French Macarons:





I’m finished for the week, but it starts back up next week!! My two oldest kids’ birthday is Sunday, but they prefer a baskin-robbins ice cream cake to anything I make. While it makes me a little sad, I’m secretly relieved, as it sure is easy to walk in an order a cake!!

Hope y’all are having a fabulous week! Hard to believe it’s the end of April already!

Until next time,


3 responses

  1. I have the top that matches your skirt that started it all!!

    May 2, 2014 at 01:47

    • Ooooo, you do?! I’ve come across that top on eBay, but was always wary of how it may work. Since I mainly wear skirts and not pants. It’s such a cute top though! Do you have the red one or the purple one?

      I love that skirt. I have another one of her early skirts, also a wrap skirt, but it doesn’t have the pockets (I’m such a sucker for pockets!!). I am always on the hunt for her earlier pieces!!!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      ❤ Jules

      May 2, 2014 at 02:16

      • Mine is the red one!! It’s super cute with shorts. I have two tops that were in her original collection… and then I have the first Jillian dress and another one that was in the first line… I adoreeeeee them. They’ve held up really well too!!

        May 3, 2014 at 00:06

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