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May Day!

It’s May! Oh my, this year is FLYING!!! I have decided to do another closet challenge. Last time it was 30 skirts in 30 days. This time? I am challenging myself to wearing only dresses for May! (Subject to planned activities, as in we might go do trapeze on the beach Saturday, which would require pants/shorts. But that is the only exception!) I am not going to force a different dress each day, but will limit any dress to no more than two outings this month. With my recent love affair with striped dresses, this may be difficult!

That said, today I started with a bang! This gorgeous new black & white piece from the Kate Spade outlet (also comes in orange!!):






Cardigan: Kate Spade
Dress: Kate Spade
Belt: Kate Spade
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Simple pumps
Handbag: Kate Spade

I think with all the dresses my husband has purchased for my this year, combined with recent thrift store finds + what I already owned, I should be able to manage it. I’ve really been in a dress mode lately anyway. It’s so easy! And our weather is already shaping up to be HOT, so a dress is much more versatile.

Any other May challenges out there? Do share!

Until next time,


13 responses

  1. aheadbandaday

    All your ks dresses sure make me envious.

    I love this one!!

    Is the orange one orange and white? Orange is my fav color.

    Spades forever!


    May 1, 2014 at 20:09

    • Haley-

      Yeah, it’s just like the black & white, but orange & white. Sooo cute!

      ❤ Jules

      May 2, 2014 at 00:50

      • aheadbandaday

        I haven’t seen that yet. I want it. Is it online??

        May 2, 2014 at 23:02

      • The black & white (as well as the orange & white) are outlet exclusives. 🙂

        ❤ Jules

        May 2, 2014 at 23:03

      • aheadbandaday

        BUMMER. I won’t get to the outlet for a while.

        May 2, 2014 at 23:04

      • You can call, all outlets (and stores) shop anywhere in the USA for $5. 🙂

        ❤ Jules

        May 2, 2014 at 23:23

      • aheadbandaday

        haha the dress is probably not in my price range. I’m a poor college grad.

        but yeah I ordered a bag there a while ago and did just that.

        thanks for the tip!

        May 2, 2014 at 23:24

  2. I cant wait to see all your May dresses! This one in particular is stunning. I love black and white.

    May 2, 2014 at 00:11

    • Thank you!!! I’m loving this dress too!!!

      ❤ Jules

      May 2, 2014 at 00:51

  3. Oyinda

    The dress is beautiful! What is it called? I don’t live close to an outlet so I always have to know the name of the item I want to order and I call them to place it over the phone. You are currently feeding my kate spade obsession!

    May 5, 2014 at 00:15

    • It’s the Gayle dress (outlet Gayle, as the regular line also has one, but it’s a shift-style dress). Comes in orange too!!!! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, glad I’m not the only one with a Kate Spade dress addiction!!!

      ❤ Jules

      May 5, 2014 at 00:19

      • Oyinda

        I found the dress and just placed an order for it! Can’t wait to wear it! Thank you!

        May 14, 2014 at 22:38

      • Yay! You are so welcome!!!

        ❤ Jules

        May 16, 2014 at 02:50

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