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Red, White, & Blue

Hey, when a girl has to go to traffic court, it pays to be patriotic, right? Okay, well, perhaps it pays to stay off roads where awful CHP officers hang out, however drive and learn I suppose? (And well, 1st ticket in 16 years, I suppose I shouldn’t complaint too much. Payback for all the times I was super speeding!!) I did have my fine reduced to 1/3 the original fee, and can take whatever traffic court I wish. The officer who wrote the ticket apparently checked every box to make it as difficult as possible! The judge was lovely though. So I paid my fine, will motor on through traffic school (first time EVER!), and watch my speed very very VERY carefully in that particular area!

Lesson learned! And done while looking rather smart if I may say so myself:






Cardigan: Kate Spade (secondhand)
Blouse: Banana Republic outlet (sale, around $10)
Skirt: Vintage made in Italy for Giorgio Beverly Hills (snagged at my local Goodwill yesterday for $2.50. So much for a shopping ban!!)
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Necklace: Target
Belt: Thrifted (and I looked at it tonight, it’s actually dyed snakeskin! Paid .50 for it. SCORE!)

And for fun a sneak peak from my Instagram teaser tonight. My husband and I have a black tie event this week, and EVERYTHING I am wearing is secondhand in some way (eBay, thrift, it’s a wrap), and of course my shoes are DIY.


I’m still researching the dress, it appears to be a now-defunct clothing line. I thought it was MaxMara at first, but it’s Abaete. I can’t find the same exact piece other than the runway photos, but retail on that brand appears to have been $450-$700. So, $4 was a steal!!! Well, $7 really, as it was $3 to have it cleaned, steamed and one small repair (my dry cleaner didn’t charge for the small zipper repair. I suppose that means I have been spending too much $$ there recently!!). Still it’s like 99% off!

Anyway. Off to bed, 5:45am comes awful early!

Until next time,


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