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Fall Has Happened

Oh my! The past few days the weather has turned to, well, downright chilly!! I’m not complaining, I just suppose I wasn’t quite prepared for it!!

Anyway, some recaps of my weekend/past few days.

Today, Kate Spade is having a surprise sale! I ordered some gifts, nothing for myself. I think my order the previous weekend was enough for me! But there are some good deals on cute things! What I did order last week came Friday:





Loving my new case, and of course the mug is a must-have for my cake-baking self! The dress I had been stalking for quite some time. It has pockets!!!

Anyway. Always fun to acquire new things.

Last Friday was the schools fall festival. True to form, I simply could not resist joining in the costuming. However, I was unable to convince my husband he needed to go with me. What’s a princess to do?

Why turn him into a frog and pin the frog to the dress of course!!!


Okay, so I didn’t really do that, but I told everyone I did! It was so much fun, the little girls loved it! We also made lots of money selling my baked goods for ROTC!! (My 9th grader is in the program)



I actually whipped up about 160-ish French macarons (Larger ones!) and 250-ish cake pops. It’s official, I’m an overachiever mom. However, the leftovers went to many good causes in the past few days. (I’ve been leaving a trail of sprinkles all over Southern California!!)

Saturday was another crazy day as I delivered this masterpiece:


I love this client of mine! They always have the best cake ideas!! I did a HUGE pooh bear a couple of years ago for their son. Can’t wait for their next party!!

I failed to take outfit photos Saturday or Sunday. Sunday I spent in LA, went to church with a girlfriend, hit a street fair, and had a late lunch with another friend! (I adore Faigie, her son Benny of Team Benny is a childhood cancer survivor, and she is just an inspiring woman! Her blog touches me every time I read it!! I bedazzled a cap for her a while back) I also managed to hit up my favorite LA store, It’s a Wrap, and snagged some interesting goodies!

Like this apron from Desperate Housewives:


Isn’t it insane?! (Please excuse the mess in my closet! I’ve hardly been home the past couple of weeks) I have to take it in, but for $10, I couldn’t resist. I am tempted to make it into a skirt. It’s very well made!

Monday morning saw me back to the grind! I wore a gorgeous new dress gifted to me by Faigie (she also sells amazing clothing….she multi talented like myself, except even more so than I am!!)




Jacket: Target
Brooch: Vintage
Dress: Kay Unger
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Stockings: Calvin Klein

Yup, it’s cold, be prepared to see me rocking nylons for the next few months!!!! (I secretly love them. Okay, perhaps it isn’t really a secret! They just make your clothing fit better)

Today, for the last cross-country meet of the season:





Cardigan: Thrifted, $1
Top: Target
Skirt: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Strassed Christian Louboutim by redo my shoe
Stockings: Calvin Klein

And by far the best part of today….one of the seniors led the entire team in prayer. It was an awesome moment:


The team ran hard and strong today, even in the 50-degree weather with 5-10mph winds!

So, there ya go. I’m slowing down a bit for the next week or so, and I have a huge list of “catch up”. It’s been a crazy month, this October. Many joys, some devastation, but I am blessed in more ways than I can ever imagine!

Until next time,


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