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Friday Thankfulness

A little late today, but as it’s been a hectic day, I’m just now sitting down to relax. Figured since I did not take outfit snaps today, I would do a thankful post, inspired by the lovely Adrienne over at

So, what I am thankful for tonight!

1. A new phone. Mine has been terrible, and I’m ashamed to admit that yes, I waited in line this morning for the new iPhone. I love it. The fingerprint scam feature is amazing.

2. My view. I have the privilege to be witness to some amazing sunrises & sunsets! This was the moon out to the east earlier tonight:


3. The adventures I had this past week. Including (but not limited too!), a trip to Disneyland’s Club 33, insane laughs with good friends this afternoon, and the journey we are embarking upon this semester for my bible study.

4. My children. While they often do the craziest things, when I speak with some of the parents of their peers, I am reminded how Awesome They truly are!

So, there you go. Tomorrow my oldest has his first ROTC parade (oh the joys of having a freshman in high school! Human taxi am I), and Sunday we will be spending one last day in Disneyland before our annual passes expire. I’m excited to take pictures/video/panorama with my new phone! The photo features are truly unreal!

Until next time,


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