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Monday Party Time

What a fun weekend, it’s been humid, we’ve had rain, and frankly I feel as if I’m living back in Texas instead of Southern California!! I’m very much over it!

Anyway, what I wore on Saturday:







Top: Kohls
Skirt: thrifted (I think it’s an Anthropologie brand)
Shoes: Jonquil Strassed Jimmy Choo flats
Handbag: Kate Spade Claire ($3 @ Goodwill!)

And my normal vintage Omega watch with a Tiffany & Co bracelet

Then later in the day (as The Engineer and I spent all morning doing errands, hitting garage sales and poking around houses for sale), I changed and put this skirt on with a white t-shirt:


Skirt: Ann Taylor (off eBay)

Yesterday I spent the entire day at home. We all did. But I kept to wearing a skirt, working on wearing as many as possible this month!




Top: Kohls
Skirt: from a friend, no idea!

And then today, I have coined my ensemble as “The Mullet”, business on top, party on the bottom!!







Top: thrifted
Skirt: Chloe
Shoes: Multi-Colour Strassed Manolo Blahnik
Handbag: Kate Spade

Normal “jewels” & watch.

So, here I am 22 days into a 30 day challenge. With changing some days, even wearing dresses a couple of times, I have worn 25 skirts in 22 days!! Of course I own way more than 30 skirts, but it has taught me to downsize a bit! I’ve been selling stuff on eBay, and adding some investment pieces that will last forever. Sadly we are leaving this weekend for a summer trip, so I will not make my 30 day challenge, but I imagine by Saturday I’ll be at 30 skirts anyway!!

Have a lovely day! Me? It’s a day of drs appointments with the kids, school starts in two weeks! Must get prepared!!

Until next time,


One response

  1. love the yellow skirts with flowers … so happy and fun

    July 22, 2013 at 21:56

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